5 Free Tools You Need to Get Rid of Malware on Your PC

Malware such as viruses, adware, and trojans can damage your computer. They could cause strange behavior, sluggish performance, or pop-ups. Understanding and effectively battling various types of malware is critical to computer security.

In this post, I’ll outline five free tools to help you fight malware on a Windows PC.

Malware Types and Characteristics

Malware is an umbrella term for a wide variety of malicious programs, including viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and ransomware.

Each type has unique properties and can inflict varying degrees of damage on a computer system.

Let’s delve into key types of computer viruses/malware and their distinct characteristics:


A computer virus can destroy files or the operating system and can replicate itself to infect other applications, interfering with regular operations.

Trojans: These malicious applications posing as useful software can compromise system security or inflict serious harm.

Spyware: The purpose of spyware is to secretly gather information about a person, such as their online activities and financial details.


Malicious software that encrypts data and then demands payment to decrypt it. It can cause devastating cyberattacks.

Adware: Disruptive and slowing down the system, adware displays adverts on a computer that the user does not want.

You need to understand these malicious programs to fight them effectively.

Arming Yourself: 5 Free Tools to Fight Malware 

  1. Malwarebytes: The Malware Killer

Malwarebytes is a top-tier malware scanner that can detect and remove even the most evasive threats across all major platforms. It works on Windows, macOS, Android, or iPhone.

Visit Malwarebytes’ official website to download and install the program. Perform regular scans to maintain vigilant protection.

2. AdwCleaner: The Adware Elimination Specialist

As a devoted exterminator, AdwCleaner stands tall for individuals plagued by annoying adware.

Easily accessible through the Malwarebytes website, run a scan to remove stubborn adware components.

3. RogueKiller: Fights against rogues and rootkits

This powerful tool goes beyond surface-level threats, delving into your system to eradicate rogues, rootkits, and worms. Just remember, some computer know-how is needed to wield it effectively.

You can get the software from the Adlice Software website.

Download the software, install it, and run it. After that, decide whether you want a fast or comprehensive scan to find and remove malware.

4. ZHPCleaner: The Browser Cleaner

With its focus on browser-related problems, ZHPCleaner effectively removes annoying toolbars and PUPs.

If you want a cleaner web experience, get this gem from Nicolas Coolman’s website.

5. Windows MRT: The Hidden Malware Remover

Don’t underestimate Windows MRT, the free tool pre-installed on your Windows system.

It adds another line of defense against malware threats while running invisibly in the background, automatically updating and providing rapid, full, or custom scans.

You can find this discreet anti-malware solution by typing “mrt” into the Windows search box.

Bonus: Built-in Antivirus

As a built-in companion, Windows Security (Microsoft Defender or Windows Defender) provides real-time protection against diverse threats. Ensure automatic updates remain enabled to benefit from continuous enhancements.

To access it, go to the Windows search box, type “Windows Security,” and then select “Virus & Threat Protection.”

Extra Tips for Malware Protection: Fortify Your Defenses

Keep in mind that while free tools are fantastic, being vigilant is key:

  • Update, Update, Update: Maintain an up-to-date operating system, software, and web browsers by updating them frequently. The latest updates usually include security fixes that protect you from emerging dangers.
  • Browse Wisely: Trust your intuition when something doesn’t feel right, and stay away from questionable websites. Also, be wary of email attachments and links.
  • Backup Regularly: Unpreparedness is ransomware’s sweet spot. Make sure you back up your data often so you can limit damage and recover quickly.


Armed with knowledge and tools, you’re now a cyber-sentinel! But remember, you are the key to digital security. ⚔️

Be careful online, update your software regularly, and use the free tools we showed you to secure your computer. Also, if you know other malware removal tools, please tell us in the comments!