ABBYY TextGrabber + OCR Translator Premium Free for 1 Year [Android/iOS]

ABBYY TextGrabber +OCR Translator lets you scan and translate any printed text from the image. It’s a handy time-saver for anyone who likes to jot down a lot of notes on their Phone, as it can grab text without the need for any typing at all.

This ABBYY app is available for both Android and iOS users. This app is a suitable alternative to Google Translate and extremely practical, it’s useful particularly if you’re traveling or living abroad.

Open the app, point your camera at some text and it will translate it for you.

TextGrabber uses the Phone’s camera to take pictures of text in documents such as books, magazines, or catalogs.

The app can then read the text in the photo and convert it into a text file that it stores on the Phone. You can edit the text using your Phone’s on-screen keyboard, perform a search for related info on the internet, email it to a friend or colleague, or copy and paste it into other apps.

With Real-Time Translation functionality, the TextGrabber can translate text on the camera screen to 100+ languages online and offline.

ABBYY TextGrabber lifts printed text of any color from any background. The app grabs text directly from the mobile camera preview screen, so you can avoid the need to take a photo to run the recognition process.

Point the app at some text and all the links, phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and event details become clickable. It also works as a QR code reader.

TextGrabber’s OCR function is quick and accurate. It can handle text in around 60 languages with 95 percent accuracy. Unlike other similar apps, it does not require users to download languages to translate offline.

ABBYY TextGrabber and translator

Features :

  1. Recognize text in 100+ languages in real-time.
  2. Translate text on the camera screen.
  3. Read QR codes and share results.

4.Converts images of text to the actual text.

  1. It does not require an internet connection to operate.
  2. Browsable document history.
  3. Use an existing photo or take one with your built-in camera.
  4. Ability to crop photos so they only contain text and not, for example, your fingers.
  5. Save recognized text to the clipboard, send it in an email message, or search for it on the web.

Get ABBYY TextGrabber + OCR Translator Premium for Free :

Download and install the ABBY TextGrabber Scan OCR Translate  app for your Smartphone from the below links :



Launch the app,

Open the burger menu on the left and click the More menu.

Tap and hold (long press)the ‘’ About’’ option until you are asked to enter a code.

Now enter the code as CBTG2022  and tap  OK, that’s it.

Code: CBTG2022


The below screenshot is from the previous promo

ABBYY TextGrabber - Premium code for Android and iOS