Abelsoft FileFusion Full Version for Free -Duplicate files Manager

Abelsoft FileFusion is a cutting-edge application that should not be overlooked on any PC. Each hard disk eventually fills up. This smart program can remove up to 31% of disk space even on hard drives that have already been cleaned.

Identify and fusion duplicate files on your system and free up space on your hard drive with the assistance of this tool that takes a novel method to operation.

FileFusion promises to provide additional storage space and imply improved speed by handling all your duplicate files.

Before we get into what makes this program different from other programs, let’s make sure to point out that it can clean up your computer by finding all of your duplicate files and merging them into one single file. There will be no more useless data left on your computer. At the same time, all your old files can still be found in the places they used to be, so you can still access them.

Abelsoft FileFusion UI

As far as user interaction goes, things should be pretty simple. The program will show you how to set it up step-by-step, so you can easily set it up. So, all you have to do is choose the drives or folders you want to scan, then wait for the program to do its job. The length of time it takes to complete a scan is determined by the number of files the app needs to analyze and the overall speed of your PC.

Abelsoft FileFusion Features:

  • The 1-click optimization searches and replaces duplicate files on your entire computer.
  • Lightweight backup is created that allows undoing the changes afterwards.
  • Smart: When fusioning duplicate files, only one copy is kept physically on the drive.
  • Works perfectly with all NTFS-based hard drives and all Windows versions starting with Windows 7.
  • Detailed reports: After fusioning all duplicate files, the user receives a detailed report.
  • Even if your hard drives have been cleaned, this tool can still clear up to 31% of the space.
  • Analyzes every file on the hard drive in search of duplicates.
  • Creates a digital fingerprint for each file and compares these fingerprints to all other files in order to identify duplicates.
  • Deletes the space on the hard drive. Instead, it makes a hard link that points to the remaining file on the hard drive.

Get Abelsoft FileFusion for Free:

Simply download the giveaway version installer either from this link or from this link[27.7 MB].

Run the installer, and complete the installation process.

This installer is pre-activated and doesn’t require any license code.