Abelssoft FileCryptor 2022 Full Version for Free – Easily Encrypt and Decrypt data

Abelssoft FileCryptor 2022 is a Windows program that lets you encrypt and decrypt data easily and securely with a single click of the mouse and a password. With this easy-to-use program that uses the AES-256 algorithm, you can easily encrypt and decrypt files of any kind.

You should make sure that no one can see the files you store on your desktop if you keep private information like financial records, family photos, and significant documents and manuscripts in them. Using Abelssoft FileCryptor’s “on the fly” encryption, users may encrypt their files quickly and securely while protecting them from unauthorized access.

You can easily encrypt individual files or even whole folders with FileCryptor. It is very easy to use because you can drag and drop things into it. The main window is just a list of instructions and a dropbox where you may place the item you want to encrypt. You can also use the Browse button to find the file or folder you want to protect.

Abelssoft FileCryptor UI

FileCryptor is built into the context menu to make things easier for you. This makes it even easier to encrypt files and folders. More specifically, after installation, the application adds a new option to the Windows right-click menu. When you right-click on a file or folder, you have the option of sending it immediately to FileCryptor for encryption.

When you encrypt a file or directory, you are requested to provide the desired password. Please remember that you won’t be able to get to the original file if you forget it. FileCryptor also has a built-in password generator that you can use to make strong security keys on the spot.

Get Abelssoft FileCryptor 2022 for Free:

Just download the full version or giveaway version of 1-click encryption Abelssoft FileCryptor either from this link or from this link[4.6 MB].

The installer is pre-activated, install and enjoy the full version.

That’s it.