Abelssoft RegistryCleaner Full Version for Free -Clean your Windows registry

Abelssoft RegistryCleaner gives your Windows Registry a boost. The registry is Windows’ central database. Unfortunately, many programs and tools constantly and automatically add new entries to them.

As time goes on, the registry becomes bloated and desolate, causing the system to slow down or even fail. In short, Windows takes longer to read out important information if the registry isn’t cleaned up regularly.

RegistryCleaner from Abelssoft is a modern registry defragmenter with a good reputation that puts things back in order. Registry Cleaner makes a copy of everything you delete as a safety measure.

If a mistake was made or an important entry was deleted by accident, the backup can be brought back by clicking the “Restore” button. With this tool, a scan can be set to run automatically once a month, so that the registry is always kept clean.

Abelssoft Registry Cleaner UI

Abelssoft RegistryCleaner Features:

  • Improves the stability and responsiveness of Windows.
  • Speeds up your registry -Scan the registry, fix errors, and get rid of memory waste automatically once a month, if you want.
  • Errors can be found and fixed with the Registry Scan. Your system will get faster and more stable again.
  • SmartClean feature just gets rid of junk entries and fixes them. No changes are made to your working entries.
  • With RegistryCleaner, your computer will run more smoothly and error-free. Your system will get faster and more stable again.
  • Can create a backup of your registry for extra safety.
  • Reduces the size of the Registry on disc.
  • Access time optimization.
  • All versions of Windows are compatible, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Get Abelssoft RegistryCleaner for Free:

Abelssoft’s Registry Cleaner costs $12.9, but you can get the full version for free by clicking on the link below.
Simply download the installer for the whole version from here or from this link.

Install the full version and make your Windows PC more stable and responsive.

Abelssoft Registry Cleaner Restore Feature