Abelssoft ScreenVideo Full Version for Free – Screen Recorder

Abelssoft ScreenVideo is a video and audio recording tool that enables you to capture the entire screen or a section of it and produce a number of different videos.

If you’re definitely looking for a screen recorder that’s simple to use and has both audio and video recording capabilities.ScreenVideo is a solid option to consider.

Create tutorials for your own website or YouTube channel with a personal touch.

The picture-in-picture feature allows you to record yourself via webcam. Using picture-in-picture technology the practical moderator function places you exactly in the corner of the video you’re recording. All you need is a webcam.

Suitable for beginners and professionals
Whether you’re an existing screencast professional or creating video from your desktop for the first time, ScreenVideo offers you intuitive operation and just the right features for screen recording.

This windows app also works with computers that have more than one monitor, so you can choose between the main screen and the secondary screen.

Abelssoft ScreenVideo - UI

It is set to record videos by default, but you can also use it to record only audio, so you can use it for that. However, just press the big red “Rec” button to start.

ScreenVideo shows a control window while recording, which can be hidden so that it doesn’t show up in a fullscreen recording. Controls let you stop or start the recording at any time. You can also use shortcut keys to stop or pause the recording.

The video is saved in MP4, WEBM, or WMV format, and you can change the resolution, the frame rate, and the audio bitrate to make it look and sound the way you want it. In fact, this screen recorder lets you choose from a few predefined quality profiles, as well as gives you the chance to make your own.

Abelssoft ScreenVideo Box Settings

Abelssoft ScreenVideo Features:

  • 5 quality profiles – Decide in which quality you want to publish your videos.
  • Supports all popular video/audio formats.
  • Recording controls and output customizations: Whether quality, frame rate, cursor size, bit rate or much more. You have full control!
  • Screen recorder with picture-in-picture support

Get Abelssoft ScreenVideo Full version for Free:

Today, ComputerBild Webpage is offering this Abelssoft software.

All you need to do is to visit this ComputerBild giveaway page.

Click the “Download” button to download the installer.

The installer is pre-activated and you don’t need any license code.

If the above-listed download link didn’t work, I copied the setup file to dropbox, try to download the installation file from here or from this link[34.8 MB].