abylon LOGON for Free – Log into Windows Using USB Drives

abylon LOGON is a Windows security application that enables you to log in to Windows using a hardware key, a chip card, a USB storage device, or a CD/DVD.

If you wish to protect your computer efficiently from illegal access while also increasing your convenience when logging into Windows, abylon Logon software is a perfect solution.

It’s easier and more secure to get into your computer when you use Logon. You can use a USB flash drive to make a dongle that unlocks your computer.

Logon can assign a hardware key function to a variety of hardware devices that connect to a computer or insert into a drive, unlocking the machine without requiring the user to input a password.

The dongle can be a USB flash drive or any other disk that connects to the computer via an external connection.

Unappealing UI

This useful app has a simple, but not very appealing, design. You can see most of the abylon LOGON’s features in the main window.

abylon LOGON UI

The majority of its functions are simple, but if you don’t know much about computer security, some of them might be hard to understand, so the built-in user manual might help.

Advanced Security options

LOGON lets you protect your PC content by allowing you to use a physical key (like a smartcard or USB-Token) to authenticate. It’s also not possible to use smartcard features if you don’t have the right hardware (a smartcard reader).

This app also has a lot of different encryption methods and device signatures that you can choose from in order to be even safer.

Lock, shut down, or log you off when you take the physical key out of the reader. In addition, you can set a master password, which adds even more security.

Get abylon LOGON for Free:

Download Logon giveaway edition from here.

Run the installer, complete the installation process and launch the app.

On the main window of the app, click the “Purchase License” icon.

Enter below activation details

Registry key: 00EN-8613D4FA-AE39F44C01-C21W3

Finally, hit the “Activate” button.

abylon LOGON Activation