AceThinker Video Master Review and Giveaway [ Windows & Mac]

AceThinker is not only video conversion software we choose to call it a video master because it is a video converter, video editor, and video downloader all at once. You can download videos directly by providing their URL.

Moreover, video editing is now a matter of only some clicks. Isn’t it interesting? Download your favorite video clips and convert them to HD then edit and share them with your friends with the help of AceThinker Video Master!

Here are the key features and guidelines on how to download, convert or edit videos using AceThinker video master.

Installation Guide

Before we come on how to use it you need to get it installed on your computers. Follow these simple steps to install the AceThinker video master.

a.)  Visit this URL you click on it the installation process starts automatically. Save and run the setup.

b.) Double-click on the downloaded executable file. The user account control option appears on the screen click on yes to continue the installation process.

c.) Once you click on yes a new window appears this is the installation wizard simply follow the instructions by clicking next every time you’re asked to and at the end click Finish to complete the installation.

d.) When the installation process is completed AceThinker automatically launches.

e.) You’ll then be asked to enter the license key. The license key is available if you’ve bought the software. Note that you can always enjoy the free trial.

 AceThinker Video Master

Key Features

As mentioned earlier AceThinker is termed a video master because it can literally perform every task related to videos by downloading them to converting them into altogether different formats.

Let’s get started and see what exactly this product has to offer us and how to get it installed on your computer or laptop. The good news is that this amazing product is available for both Windows and MAC.

1. Conversion
You can convert videos and audio in various formats using AceThinker master video maker. Follow these steps to convert the videos or audio.

  • The first step is to add the files that you want to convert. You can either add files by clicking the add files option available at the top of the launched window of video master or by dragging the files into the window. Once the file is added all information regarding the video will be available to you in the window including the resolution, size, and format of the video file.
  • If you’ve mistakenly selected the wrong audio or video file you can remove it by selecting the file and then clicking the remove selected option. In order to remove all added files simply click on a clear task list option.
  • The next step to converting the audio or video files is choosing the output format. For doing that simply click on the profile bar and the profile list opens.
  • A number of formats are available in the profile list. Choose your desired audio or video format from the list. There are mainly three format categories available in the profile list; video, audio, and device. The video category contains video formats and the audio category contains audio formats.
  • Moreover, the device category lets you convert videos from your smartphone to be used on a PC or laptop.
  •  AceThinker Video Master conversion formats
  • Once selected output format to preview the output and then click on the convert button. You can convert multiple videos in one go.
 AceThinker Video Master conversion
  • 2. Editing

AceThinker lets you edit your video files by following a simple and easy procedure. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Add the file to be edited then click on the edit file button.
  • You can trim and cut the video by either manually entering the start and end time or by dragging the slider over that part. You can then choose if you want to cut or keep the selected part.
 AceThinker Video Master video editing
  • The button next to trim and cut is for adjusting. You can rotate, synchronize, crop and adjust the aspect ratio using the adjust button.
 AceThinker Video Master Video trim feature
  • You can use the effect button next to the adjust button to set the saturation, speed, brightness, contrast, or hues of the selected video.
 AceThinker Video Master effects feature
  • You can also add a watermark or subtitles using the buttons adjacent to the effect button.

 AceThinker Video Master watermark feature
3. Downloading
AceThinker lets you download videos online by simply entering their URL.

  • Go to the download tab
  • Enter the URL.

4. Recording
If in case you fail to download the video you can record your screen by following these steps.

  • Click on the record button visible at the top of the interface
  • Five options appear. Select the one that best suits your need.
 AceThinker Video Master record feature

Install AceThinker video maker today to start the best video experience. The good news is that you can enjoy the free trial as well! What else could you ever ask for?

AceThinker Video Master Giveaway[Windows & Mac]:

Download the installer from here ( win/mac)

Install the software and launch it.

You will notice an activation window similar to the below screenshot.

Click “Enter your License”.

Copy and paste the below license code.


Hit the “OK” button.

You can also create an AceThinker account and link this full version to your account or just skip this step.

AceThinker Video Master License