ADB AppControl: Effortlessly Eliminate Android Bloatware Without Root Access

ADB AppControl is a free Windows tool that allows you to remove pre-installed system apps and bloatware from your Android device without root access. It is a simple but powerful tool that can help you improve the performance and battery life of your device, as well as free up storage space.

What is ADB AppControl?

Have you ever looked through the apps on your phone and wondered why certain programs you never use are taking up valuable storage space?

Many Android devices come preloaded with “bloatware” – apps installed by manufacturers that can’t be uninstalled and just clutter things up. But now there’s an easy way to remove these unwanted apps and get your phone working like new.

ADB AppControl is a free Windows program that lets you disable or uninstall bloatware and other pre-installed apps on your Android device without needing root access.

All you need is your phone connected to your computer via USB. The intuitive interface shows you a full list of every app so you can selectively remove the ones you don’t need.

What are the key features of ADB AppControl?

  1. Debloat Wizard: Offers several levels of unwanted application cleanup for beginners and advanced users. This will help improve the autonomy and performance of your Android device and secure your personal data.
  2. Manage Permissions: Manage app permissions via the inbuilt Permissions Manager.
  3. Install Multiple Apps: Install multiple apps at the same time.
  4. ADB Console: ADB console with quick commands.
  5. Change Screen Resolution: Change screen resolution, hide annoying icons in the status bar, take screenshots, and remotely control your device.
  6. Accurate Application Sizes: Show the accurate size of the installed apps on the device.
Enable USB debugging

How to use ADB AppControl

To use this Windows tool, you first need to enable USB debugging in the developer options of your Android device. Then, connect your device to a Windows computer using a USB cable.

This Windows software comes with the required driver and automatically detects your device. Just allow it to install ACBridge (service application) on your Android device. You can now deactivate or delete all unwanted programs via the main window.


For beginners, the “Find and Deactivate Bloatware” button automatically identifies preloaded programs that are safe to disable.

You can also take charge and remove apps manually to reclaim extra storage space. Plus, the tool backs up your apps before removal, ensuring they can be restored if necessary.

Besides managing apps, it lets you adjust display settings, hide status bar icons, capture screenshots, and much more.

Wondering about the difference between disabling and uninstalling apps?

When you deactivate an app, it stays on your device but won’t appear in your app list and won’t run in the background. However, uninstalling completely removes it from your device.

ADB AppControl UI

But, which apps are crucial, and Can I damage my device?

ADB AppControl shows all apps on your Android device, even the ones essential for Android’s operation.

For example, don’t tinker with Google Play Services or Android System Web view. And definitely leave alone any entries with mysterious names.

Just remember, every deletion carries some risk and should be done thoughtfully.

Download this Windows software by visiting the developer page.

ADB AppControl tools


Say goodbye to the annoying pre-installed apps dragging down your device – with one simple connection, you can now customize your Android experience exactly how you want it.

Give ADB AppControl a try to declutter your phone and boost performance.

Just be careful not to remove any important system processes or your device may malfunction. With a little care, you can remove unwanted preloads and truly make your Android your own.