AntiBrowserSpy Free Full Version – Improve Security of Browsers

AntiBrowserSpy by Abelssoft is a windows utility that improves the security of browsers installed on your PC as well as cleans unnecessary cached data.

This security tool lets you remove surfing traces, clean browser garbage, and backup your browser settings.

AntiBrowserSpy is a software application that was created to assist users in deleting specific web browser traces, creating backups, and enhancing security.

Switches off spying in the browser
We are observed and spied on as soon as we use the Internet.

Through cookies and tracking, internet companies can automatically detect the country from which a visitor originates, the operating system being used, and the browser being utilized.

AntiBrowserSpy restricts involuntary data flow and configures a web browser muzzle. This is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

Prevents the browser fingerprint
Prevents browsers such as Edge, Firefox, and Chrome from recognizing the user based on his regular browser “fingerprint.”

You may schedule tasks and run your usual browser in stealth mode, which will periodically update its fingerprint. Furthermore, with an integrated add-on, you can obtain a summary of security settings and improve them, as well as ban social networking services such as Facebook.

AntiBrowserSpy Interface

1. Data protection with one click
With just one click, the different browsers are provided with the most optimal protection functions.

  1. Stealth Mode
    The UserAgent text is changed regularly so that the “browser fingerprint” can no longer be assigned.
  2. Browser backup
  3. Modern design and a hassle-free setup.
  4. Prevents spying.

The computer’s performance will not be impeded and you can run it alongside other demanding apps without facing any troubles. It’s easy to use, quick to complete tasks, and there are plenty of options to keep you occupied.

AntiBrowserSpy is an effective tool for eliminating browser traces and increasing their performance, taking all of this into account.

Get AntiBrowserSpy Full Version for Free

Download the full version installer from the giveaway page.

Alternatively, you can download the full version installer from these links:  Link 1 / Link 2[9 MB].

Run the installer, complete the installation process.

This full-version installer doesn’t require(pre-activated) any license code.