Avira Password Manager Pro – 6 months free license

Free 6 month Avira Password Manager Pro license. When using Avira’s password manager on Windows, macOS and Linux computers or Android and iOS smartphones, you only need to remember one master password, and the application will do the rest by itself. Avira Password Manager Pro provides additional security mechanisms to eliminate the risk of unauthorized use of the master password through strong encryption, two-factor authentication and access restriction. Use a password manager

Avira Password Manager Pro - Free License

Avira Password Manager Pro for automatic login to resource and Internet accounts. Create and securely store all your passwords, and get notified if your accounts are hacked. Check the strength of passwords, and eliminate duplicates.

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Avira Password Manager Pro Extension

Avira has the highest knowledge of information security and meets the most stringent privacy policy requirements, ensuring that your data is securely protected without sharing or selling it to third parties or organizations.

How to get a free 6 month Avira Password Manager Pro license

1 . Go to the offer page , enter your email address and click the ” Password Manager Pro erhalten ” button . 2 . In the received letter, click ” Get started “. 3 . Complete registration by entering the password for the new account. 4 . Open the Avira Password Manager Pro management portal  and log in. 5 . Create a master password and be sure to remember it. 6 . Go to settings and turn on Russian. 7 . Install the Avira Password Manager Pro extension to your browser on your computer. Or mobile application for smartphone on Android and iPhone on

Avira Password Manager Pro offer page

Click Get started

Enter password

Avira Password Manager Pro authorization

Create master password

Include Russian

iOS . 

Install Avira Password Manager Pro

You can check the license period from your Avira account . 180 days free.

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Avira Password Manager Pro Free License Features

  • The license is provided for 6 months.
  • For Windows, macOS and Linux computers or Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Possibility of free updating to new versions for the entire period.
  • Personal use only.