Avira Phantom VPN Pro [for All Devices]

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Avira Phantom VPN Pro secures your data, anonymizes your surfing, and unblocks geo-restricted websites. With one click, our free and private VPN dodges ISP tracking by securing your connection via a fast proxy server. This is the easiest way to enhance your privacy and WiFi security wherever you are

Key Features:

  • Surf anonymously: Phantom VPN Pro defends you from mass consumerist surveillance,
  • Surf securely: Encrypt your communications while shopping and banking on the go,
  • Surf freely: Access your favorite streaming sites – free of geo-restrictions.
  • Safely connect to public WiFi – automatically


Avira Phantom VPN Pro: protection with unlimited data

Protect all your online activities from tracking, surf with a virtual IP address as an online phantom, and bypass country restrictions. Download now!www.avira.com