Beholder – Adventure & Role Playing Game Free for a Limited Time

Beholder is a role-playing adventure game set in a totalitarian police state. Warm Lamp Games created the game, which was published by Alawar Entertainment. It’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The game has 91% positive reviews from more than 18000+ users on the Steam digital store. For a limited time period, the developers are offering this game free on Steam Store.

Interested people can grab this $9.99 worth game by visiting this Steam page.

This time-limited offer will be available till 11 Nov at 11:30 pm (your local time).

About Beholder Game:

The game is based on George Orwell’s, Aldous Huxley’s, and Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novels.
Instead of being a hero against a brutal State power, the game turns you into a cog in a totalitarian machine.

Even if the plot is grim and the characters you encounter are sour and depressed, this political simulation game is nevertheless a lot of fun to play, even if you wind up at the end of an irate tenant’s knife.

The concept of Beholder is simple and clear: you are a State-appointed landlord whose mission is to guarantee that your tenants follow the State’s commands by any means necessary.

When you start playing the game, though, you’ll notice that your position is much more than just being the State’s stooge.

In terms of gameplay, the game continuously presents you with quests to do, which show as small bubbles on the left side of the screen. They all have a time restriction, which is usually rather generous, and range in difficulty from easy to complex.

For example, you may need to go obtain medicine for your daughter or find a means to evict one of your renters.

Bugging apartments, checking through things for anything that doesn’t belong there, and, of course, reporting anyone who appears to be a current or potential threat are all part of your job.

However, you are not completely evil; you can choose to delay and not report a certain tenant in the hopes that he will change his deceptive ways. You might even use that information to blackmail him in order to increase your income and feed your own family.

Different choices will result in different outcomes, so choose wisely because, as the game points out, every option has an impact.

Go get the game now and spy on people.