BloatyNosy: Speed Up and De-clutter Your Windows 11

BloatyNosy is an open-source and free program that may be used to de-clutter and speed up your Windows 11 setup. It functions by disabling unnecessary apps, configurations, and services that drain your PC’s resources and slow it down.

This lightweight tool doesn’t need any setup. You can easily change the way Windows 11 works and get rid of parts you don’t need.

BloatyNosy-Analyze Windows 11 Build

This debloat utility also includes a few helpful extras, such as InstaPackage for installing must-have software with a single click and BloatFinder for uninstalling unused Windows components.

The program evaluates your setup and prioritizes its findings before making recommendations.

Features of BloatyNosy:

  1. Simple user interface that anyone can use, regardless of their level of technical knowledge.
  2. Enables users to fine-tune their Windows 11 PC, eliminating unnecessary programs and improving their PC’s overall efficiency.
  3. The program analyzes your system and makes recommendations. The software rates each suggestion as high or low, helping users decide if the fix is worth applying.
  4. BloatFinder can help you remove unwanted system components. These include YourPhone, the Xbox app, and others.
  5. You may choose exactly which unwanted software to uninstall from your computer thanks to the app’s flexible “debloat list” generator.
BloatyNosy-Insta Package

Download Links:

Windows optimization has never been simpler. You can download the app from GitHub and Microsoft Store.

For more info, you can visit the developer page.

Update [26/04/2023]: BloatyNosy 1.0 PREVIEW version released with refreshing UI and minor fixes.