BrainAural -Binaural Beats App Available for Free – Brain Therapy

BrainAural is a professional Binaural Beats app. This android app can help you put your brain into different states by stimulating the left and right auditory cortexes with different frequencies of sound.

Normally $0.99, this brain therapy app is now available for free on the Google Play store for a limited time. This free offer is valid for six days.

On the Google Play store, the app received a 4.5 Star rating (out of 5) from 142 users reviews.

Get the app for free from Google Play or visit this link:

About BrainAural App:

Binaural therapy uses two slightly different frequencies of sound in each ear, sometimes mixed with special types of noise.

The subtle difference in the tones produces a pulsing sensation in the brain, called a Binaural Beat.
This stimulates brain waves of the same frequency. Manipulating the pulse frequency can promote relaxation, increased focus, or a number of different effects. Give it a try…

The  Android app works by playing two slightly different pitches of sound in each ear. The difference makes the brain feel like it’s pulsing, which makes it want to produce brain waves at that frequency. Choosing the right pulse frequency can help you relax, focus better, sleep better, or do a lot of other things. Because each ear needs to hear a different frequency, you need to use headphones to listen to the music.

Binaural Beats app

This brain therapy app offers 13 different therapy sessions with different durations. The 13 different therapy sessions include:

1.Meditation(15 minutes)
Encourages an alpha wave state for 15 minutes reflective clam.

2.Study guide (30 minutes)

Grab your headphones, block out all distractions, and hit the books for 30 minutes of pure focus.

3.Pain relief (60 minutes)
Smoothly ease away pain as yous slide from a 16Hz pulse all the way down to 0 over the course of 1 hour.

4.Schumann Resonance(20 minutes)
Put yourself in tune with the resonant frequency of Earth’s magnetic field,7.83Hz.

5.Powernap(20 minutes)
Chill out to this 20-minute program and wake up feeling re-energized and ready to go!

6.Sleep (60 minutes)

Induce a restful sleep with this 1-hour program.

7.Hallucination (10 minutes)
This psychedelic therapy can induce waking dreams.

8.Astral projection (90 minutes)

Experience an out-of-body experience in this 1.5 hours therapy session.

9.Brain boost (15 minutes)

Bring your perception and problem-solving faculties to peak performance by boosting ‘gamma’ brain wave activity up to 70Hz, then back down to normal.

10.Just pink noise (8 hours)

Pink noise is similar to ‘White noise’ but more natural because each octave carries the same energy.

11.Lucid dreaming (2 hours)
Encourages a deep sleep, followed by 9Hz spikes to help make you realize you’re dreaming.

12.Self-hypnosis (15 Minutes).
Entraining down to theta waves will help put you into an altered state of consciousness.

13.Tinnitus therapy (15 Minutes).

This therapy is for individuals with a tinnitus tone close to 6kHz.