Connect Relate Motivate: Master Communication eBook Available for Free

Connect Relate Motivate: Master Communication in Any Situation (Be Your Best) is an ebook written by Rik Rushton. The author is a communication coach and in-demand keynote speaker on peak performance, leadership, and connection.

Normally this ebook (2nd edition) costs $9 and for a limited time period, it’s available for free.

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This WILEY edition ebook is about 4.46 MB in size and has 161 pages. This freebie or giveaway is valid until June 01, 2022.

About Connect Relate Motivate: Master Communication eBook

Communication is one of the most confusing things about our world today. People are more connected, turned on, and plugged in than ever before in the world we live in.

Still, social science shows that more and more people feel alone and cut off from their families and communities. They feel like they are overworked, underpaid, misunderstood, and alone.

This book is a new way to deal with the problems of modern communication. It was written for people who don’t have a lot of time and can be read in one sitting (like on a flight) or in one night.

This ebook takes a comprehensive look at both professional and personal communication. It will help a lot in the boardroom, the living room, and the classroom.

Connect Relate Motivate -Master Communication in Any Situation eBook

Even though people can be “in touch” 24/7, many of them are not interested or happy. Business leaders know how hard it is to motivate and give power to a workforce that just clocks in and leaves.

Parents know how hard it can be to talk to teens who text more than they talk.

How do you answer the question that every partner fears the most: “If you loved me, you’d know what’s wrong.” All of these are painful experiences, and this book gives you proactive ways to connect (and protect) these important relationships by talking to each other better. This is very important if you run a business, have kids, or are in a relationship.

This book is a “road map” for leaders who want to use communication to influence their projects, ideas, teams, and clients. It’s also for parents who want to get along better with their kids or other loved ones.

This book has seven easy-to-read chapters that tell you:

  • Reasons to get better at talking to people.
  • A way to grow as a person in amazing ways.