Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is available on Steam for free.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is currently free at the Steam store. This is a first-person narrative adventure game about love, grief, remorse, and redemption. It’s an unflinchingly emotional experience, driven by story and immersion rather than traditional mechanics.

PC gamers can get the game, which usually costs $9.99, for free from February 14-16 as part of a promotion to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary today.

Dear Esther is a turning point in the evolution of the modern exploration game, dubbed “walking simulators” by some.

If you’re curious about how video games have grown over the past century, this is a great game to play right now because it’s now free on Steam. To be specific, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, a 2017 Unity Engine remake that not only looks better but also includes upgraded audio and a Directors’ Commentary mode

The game was originally a Half-Life 2 mod that lets players explore a desolate island and discover a tale through the locations they come across.

Interested people can grab this game by visiting this Steam page.

This time-limited offer will be available till 16 Feb at 8:30 pm (your local time).

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Free on Steam

About Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

Dear Esther makes you feel like you’re in a completely different world, on a remote and deserted island in the outer Hebrides. ‘Dear Esther…’: As you move forward, a voice starts to read parts of a letter. This is the start of one of the most unique first-person games of the last few years.

Dear Esther is a video game that doesn’t have any gameplay at all. Instead, it’s a pure story-driven experience. It combines beautiful environments with a breathtaking soundtrack to tell a powerful story of love, loss, guilt, and redemption.

Key features:

  • Every time you play the game, you’ll have a new experience with different sounds, visuals, and events.
  • Explore amazing places that make you feel like you’re living on a haunted island and learning about its dark history.
  • A poetic, semi-randomized story like you’ve never experienced in a game before.
  • Stunning soundtrack composed by Jessica Curry, featuring world-class musicians.
  • An uncompromisingly inventive game delivered to the highest AAA standards.