Driver Booster Pro 11 Free License – Keep your PC drivers up-to-date

Driver Booster Pro 11 from Iobit is one of the best programs that automatically updates hardware drivers. They made it possible to update your Windows drivers automatically in the quickest and easiest way possible.

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All About Iobit Driver Booster:

This Iobit software scans your Windows system to find out which drivers are old and then updates them through the cloud. The app uses cloud technology so that updates can be delivered (downloaded) quickly.

The best thing about this software is that it saves you a lot of time and work when you need to update old drivers on your PC. With just one click, you can get the updates and put them on your computer.

IObit Driver Booster has both a free version and a pro version that costs money.

The free version meets basic needs and is enough to update all of your system drivers. The pro version costs $22.95 and has more advanced features like driver backup, free technical support, and automatic updates.

If your PC’s hardware drivers are out of date, they will eventually slow it down and cause Windows to crash. Keeping the hardware drivers on your PC up to date is a tedious job. This job will be easy to do with this app from Iobit.

Features & UI:

Sans your system for old, out-of-date drivers and downloads and installs the latest versions.

It can make games run better, and the major difference between the Pro edition and the free version is that the free version limits driver downloads, so users have to wait longer for the latest drivers to be installed.

Driver Booster 11 works more reliably and quickly because it has a better user interface, a “one-click” design, and better scanning algorithms.

Auto Scan and Update

You can set up a schedule for regular scans or have them run automatically at Windows startup. Enabling the “Automatically update drivers while the system is idle” option in Settings saves you time and eliminates the hassle of manually checking and updating drivers one by one.

Vast Driver Database (9,500,000+)

Worried about system or security problems when updating drivers? Driver Booster handles extensive driver updates, guaranteeing that all drivers provided are from trusted sources like official websites or Windows and have passed rigorous WHQL rules.

Driver Booster Pro 11 UI

Game Booster:

Users of Driver Booster 11 will notice a big difference in how well games run and how well device problems are fixed.

In Game Boost Mode, users can open the settings list and choose what they want to improve for the best gaming performance.

Also, “Windows Game Mode” is turned on during setup to make it easier to put the PC into gaming mode.

In the Tools section of Driver Booster 10, the “Fix Device Error” button can now find and fix 35 different errors.

Users can find and fix common device problems much faster and easier with this feature.

System Restore, schedule scans, and silent updates:

After scanning your PC, the driver updater shows the list of drivers that require updating.

You can choose which drivers to update or just hit the Update All button and leave the program to handle everything.

Driver Booster will automatically create a System Restore point before each installation, so you can easily roll back updates when a problem occurs with the newly installed driver.

Driver Booster Pro 11

Also, you can schedule scans which will save you even more time. If you choose “silent installation,” updates will happen in the background without popping up dialogue boxes on your screen.

Keeping system drivers up-to-date improves performance, gaming, and security by preventing hardware errors. Iobit’s driver booster makes it easy to find drivers and keep them up to date with just one click. This is an app that you must have on your PC.

Driver Booster 11 is an essential tool for Windows users who want to make sure their drivers and game components are always up to date. It’s powerful, easy to use, and very useful.

What’s new :

  • Enhanced Database: Now supports updates for over 9,500,000 drivers.
  • Expanded Compatibility: Added support for Windows 11 and a wider range of hardware, including Intel Arc, Nvidia RTX 40, and AMD Radeon RX series.
  • Improved Driver Updates: Strengthened our driver update logic to provide a larger selection of game-ready and stable drivers.
  • Faster Scans: Optimized the scanning engine for an 18% speed boost.
  • Quicker Installations: Accelerated driver installations by 7%, with an enhanced success rate.
  • Enhanced Gaming Performance: Game Boost now delivers up to 5% better performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a brand-new UI for a more intuitive experience.
  • Global Language Support: Now available in 38 languages.

Alternative: Try this freeware Drivers Cloud

IObit Driver Booster Pro 11 Free License:

Download the latest version installer (v11) from this link: [28.5 MB]

Run the installer, and choose custom installation to avoid installation of unwanted apps.

Complete the installation process.

Launch the Driver Booster app and on the main window click “Enter Code”.

Next, enter any of the below license codes.

Update: [New code that offers more than a year Subscription]


Note: This code provides a subscription till December 30, 2024.

Update: [New Code]


Note: This code provides a subscription till June 27, 2024

Driver Booster Pro 1 year license code

Update: [New code -Nov 27, 2023]


Note: This code provides a subscription till May 02, 2024.

Update:[New code- Nov 2, 2023]:


Note: This code offers a subscription till February 5, 2024.


Note: The above License code grants a 6-month subscription and is valid for 200 activations.

Thanks to Stella Chen from Iobit for offering this code to Techno360 readers.

Driver Booster Pro 11 License