Essential Linux Commands eBook for FREE: 100 Linux commands you Should know

Essential Linux Commands eBook is a comprehensive guide to learning Linux’s command line, which will unlock your potential as a system administrator. For a limited period, you can grab this $39.99 worth of ebook for free.

About Essential Linux Commands Book:

The ability to use the Linux command-line interface is becoming more important in today’s technologically advanced environment. Thanks to its open-source nature, flexibility, and reputation for reliability, the Linux operating system (OS) has grown indispensable in today’s computers.

If you want to learn how to manage and maintain Linux systems efficiently, this ebook is for you. This book provides a systematic overview of Linux, covering everything from package management to networking techniques.

Discover useful information about handling remote file transfers, installing Linux on AWS Cloud, and using Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) for security. You will learn command syntax and its uses and limitations with the help of logical explanations and examples taken from the real world.

Learn the basics of Linux administration, including the most important commands for keeping tabs on networks and managing firewalls. This will help both new and experienced administrators become better at their jobs.

Things You Can Expect to Understand:

  • Launch apps, manage services, and adjust network settings by executing commands.
  • Learn the ins and outs of using commands for managing packages, editing files, and connecting to networks.
  • Learn the command by command with detailed explanations and examples.
  • Learn how to make the most of the Linux command line with these helpful hints and tips.
  • Master the art of identifying and fixing frequent issues and mistakes.
  • Find out what works best for managing and maintaining Linux systems.
  • Become an expert in cloud-based Linux, system performance, and security.

How to get the ebook for free?

Normally selling for $39.99, Packt’s Essential Linux Commands is now available for free for a short time.
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