Excire Search Pro Free License – Lightroom plugin[Win/Mac]

Excire Search Pro is a Lightroom plugin and the best photo organizer. This plugin usually sells for $69 and now for a limited time period, it’s available for free.

To get this Lightroom plugin for free, visit this giveaway page.

Scroll down to the middle of the page, depending on your system OS (Mac or Windows) click the “JEZT KOSTENLOS” (Get it) button.

Next, enter your first name, last name, check the boxes (agree to terms & signup newsletter), and hit the “Free Download” button.

The giveaway page will display the license key and a link to download the Plugin.

Click the link and download the Plugin for your Windows or macOS system.

Excire Search Pro Giveaway

Note: This giveaway is softwareload.de as part of their Advents kalender-2021 giveaways. So, it seems the giveaway will available only for today or 24 hours.

About Excire Search Pro:

Find every photo in your Lightroom Classic catalog in no time!

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, Excire Search automatically searches your photo collection and helps you get organized and find the photos you are looking for.

Excire Search now captures image content even more precisely and assigns both more and more precise keywords. So you hardly miss a photo in your photo jungle and your most hidden photo treasures come to light.

Excire Search uses the content of the images in the Lightroom Catalogue, and searches using an example image to find similar images with similar content.


  • Analyzes and organize the photos in your Lightroom catalog.
  • Finds the photos you are looking for.
  • Reveals your hidden photo treasures.
  • AI-based content recognition.
  • No use of cloud services.
  • AI runs locally on your computer.
  • Fast and precise photo search.
  • Search by keywords, faces, or similar photos.
  • Novel technology for finding and analyzing faces.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU Multicore processor with 64-bit support

  • Older AMD processors like AMD Phenom II X6 1100T and AMD Phenom II X (also known as AMD Athlon II X4 640) are not supported.
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processors are not supported.
  • The Mac version is currently only available for Apple devices with Intel processors. Not compatible with devices with an M1 processor.
  • Operating System macOS 10.12 (or newer) or Windows 10 (64-bit).
  • Lightroom (Classic) Version 6 (or newer).
  • Memory 8GB RAM. For huge catalogs (> 100.000 photos) we recommend 16GB or more.
  • Storage 375 MB available HD space for basic installation and further HD space for storage of image feature data, e.g. an Adobe Lightroom Catalogue of 100000 images requires about 800 MB of additional HD space.