Finally Out of Beta! Get the Official Microsoft PC Manager

Officially, the Microsoft PC Manager app is now available. The free utility was first released as a preview by Microsoft in 2022.

After spending a considerable amount of time in beta, Microsoft finally released the stable version. The software, created by Microsoft China, claims to speed up your PC performance.

About Microsoft PC Manager:

PC Manager is a gateway to the in-built Windows toolset. It’s not revolutionary, but it doesn’t diminish its worth.

Upon opening this Windows Optimization app, the first thing that can catch your eye is the display of memory consumption and the size of temporary files.

These two settings are the primary emphasis of the application’s boost feature. To remove all temporary files, activate the boost feature.

A health check, which can be activated, will reveal all of your startup programs and temporary files. Clicking the Proceed button will clear the browser cache and temporary files.

By default, startup items are not chosen. However, you have the option to prevent some programs from starting up with the system under this section as well.

With Deep Cleanup, you may expect even more storage space to be freed. It scans the recycle bin, caches of frequently used apps, and other system areas. However, as compared to specialized cleaning applications, the supported regions are severely lacking.

A process manager and an autostart manager are also accessible from the start page. Most of the programs listed in the process manager are those that the user has launched. For memory optimization, you can remove them from the page.

The startup manager lists the applications that launch at system startup. You can disable auto-start.

Additional features of PC Manager:

PC Manager’s sidebar menu provides access to a few additional features. The following choices are available on the page for system protection:

  • The virus and threat protection feature will open your system’s default antivirus app or Microsoft Defender.
  • The Windows Update feature lists all available updates, both mandatory and optional.
  • The Default browser settings option links to the Settings app.
  • The taskbar repair feature will restore the taskbar appearance.
  • Reset default applications—this option resets the default apps for different file kinds and extensions.
  • With pop-up management enabled, Windows will handle pop-ups automatically.

Clicking the “Storage” on the sidebar brings up a menu where you may look for extensive files on the primary disk and access the storage preferences. Hit the “Deep cleanup” to perform a full cleanup scan.

The “Apps” menu lists the running apps, startup apps, and access to apps installed on your PC and Microsoft Store.

Last but not least, you can add a toolbar to your desktop using the Toolbox feature. This floating widget shows the current RAM use and shortcuts to Windows apps such as Calculator and Microsoft Edge.

Download Microsoft PC Manager

Right now, you can get the PC Manager app from the Microsoft Store.

The app works with Windows 10 (1809 and above), and Windows 11It only supports two languages for the interface: English and Chinese.