Fort Firewall: Maximize Your PC’s Security

Fort Firewall is an excellent and free alternative to Windows’ default firewall that offers greater customization options and control.

Besides safeguarding your PC against online dangers, this program gives you control over how your network traffic is filtered and monitored.

Fort Firewall UI

About Fort Firewall:

The software is designed on the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP), allowing it to effectively work with Windows and its network components.

The filtering and blocking of network packets is handled by Fort Firewall’s own kernel driver, which ensures high performance and reliability.

You can download the firewall app for your PC from

What can Fort Firewall do?

You can tailor the firewall settings to your own requirements and personal tastes using the software’s many customizable options.

Here are a few key features:

  • Apply filters based on application groupings, network addresses, and more.
  • With the rule-making feature, you may specify which IP addresses, ports, protocols, domains, or apps are allowed or denied access to the network.
  • Sorting apps into categories like “browsers,” “games,” or “media players” allows you to apply restrictions to them all at once. This makes it simple to control which apps can access certain areas of your network.
  • Put limits on how fast and how often particular apps can use the internet.
  • Limit the amount of data or bandwidth that specific apps can consume, or even prevent them from using the internet completely. Your network performance, data consumption, and security can all be improved in this way.
  • By reviewing the recorded traffic data, you can track how your PC’s connections have changed over the time. The Firewall app monitors all of your network traffic and gives you comprehensive reports and visual representations of that data.
  • Each application’s data transmission and reception rates, bandwidth consumption, and linked network addresses are all viewable. You can export the statistics to CSV files and further analyze them by filtering them by time, date, or application group.

How can Fort Firewall boost my security and control?

This Firewall provides stronger network security and control than Windows’ default firewall.

The software allows:

1.Stop harmful network traffic:

Block hackers, viruses, and phishing sites from entering your network. Block internal network traffic from untrusted or undesirable internet-accessing programs. The “Zones” feature blocks IP-based network traffic from certain nations or areas.

2.Customize firewall rules to your liking:

Create or change firewall rules to suit your network needs. Export or import firewall rules or reset them to default. Click to enable or disable the firewall, or run it upon startup.

3.Track and optimize network and data consumption:

Identify faults and bottlenecks by monitoring network activity and performance.

Limit or prioritize network resources for certain programs or block their internet usage to improve network speed and efficiency. Save data and bandwidth by avoiding unnecessary network traffic.


Firewall software such as Fort Firewall may not be revolutionary, but it offers various valuable features beyond the basic Windows firewall.

With it, you can personalize your network settings and keep tabs on your data transmissions, all while safeguarding your PC from online dangers. No matter what version of Windows you’re using, Fort Firewall will work reliably and be straightforward to use.

Read more about it on its GitHub page.