FxSound Pro Now Free – Volume Booster and Audio Enhancer [Windows]

FxSound Pro is an audio enhancer and volume booster for Windows systems. Using this software, you can improve the sound of online radio, videos, and games, as well as all the best media players. You can also use presets to make a high-quality sound.

FxSound (formerly DFX Audio Enhancer / FxSound Enhancer) is an inexpensive audio enhancement and routing program that works with all kinds of PC sound systems, from basic to high-end. It can be as automatic or as customized as you want. It uses the best processing to get more volume, better equalization, and a wider, deeper sound.

FxSound gives you the power to change the FxSound Effects and EQ to meet your exact needs if you are a real audiophile. Turn on FxSound, and you’ll notice right away how much better the sound is.

FxSound Pro UI

FxSound Pro Now Free

FxSound used to be a paid app that cost $39.99. The developers decided to make it free. Everyone can now use the software for free. You can donate money to help with the development and improvements of the software.

Just download the software from the developer page: https://downloads3.fxsound.com/

FxSound is very easy to set up. The main interface shows the current audio output device and the preset that has been chosen.

The software comes with more than ten sound presets. These sound presets can be used to watch movies, play games, boost bass, or stream video. The choice of preset changes the sound settings that FxSound has in the interface.

Users who want to get extra presets can get them from the developer’s website. Presets for different types of music, like rock, country, and the 1980s, can be downloaded.

FxSound asserts that it will enhance the sound quality on the Windows device “by focusing on and processing the timbre, loudness, spatial balance, and dynamics of sound.” The end result is “clearer, louder, deeper, and more balanced sound.”

An equalizer is available, as well as sliders for clarity, ambiance, surround sound, dynamic boost, and bass boost. These sliders can be used to change the sound. Change each one. Presets can be made for each of these and can be saved so that they can be used at any time.

FxSound Pro Presets

A simple way to use it is to choose a preset or make changes to it. The sound quality can change depending on what you choose. The outcome is determined by a number of elements, including the system’s audio devices and the source of the sound.