Get Steganos Safe 22 for Free [Digital Safe for PC’s]

Steganos Safe is a data safeguarding tool for Windows users. This security software allows users to create a virtual
and password protected secure drive on their system for storing sensitive data.

The Steganos Safe is your secure drive for storing sensitive data.

The Steganos Safe is used like any drive on your computer. Save, edit, or delete files on it. When the Safe is closed, your data is protected. Without the password, unauthorized third parties cannot access the Safe file.

If you want to hide something on your system or protect important documents with encryption,
then you must try this virtual safe creating software from Steagaons.

The Steganos safe also protects your data in the cloud and this giveaway version supports encryption of Dropbox,

Google Drive, and Microsoft one drive.

Like any other drive on your computer,
you can use this secure drive to save, edit or delete files by launching Steganos Safe software.

Once this drive is closed, your data will be safe and no one can use this drive without a password.

Steganos calls these virtual drives ‘safe’, you can create three types of ‘safes’:
1. Safe: A virtual drive on your computer for encrypting data.
2. Portable Safe: A secure drive on an external hard disk or USB drive.
3. Cloud safe: Encrypt data on Dropbox, Google Drive & Onedrive.

For creating secure virtual drives with Steganos safe,

Select the ‘ create safe’ option, name your safe, select a drive letter, specify the location of SLE file.

Define the size of the virtual drive and finish the process by specifying the password,

You can either generate a password or use the picpass (picture passwords) feature.

Also, you can create a safe in safe which is hidden within your normal safe.

I don’t know why we need a safe within a safe, in my view, you can skip this feature and
create a virtual safe drive for storing your data securely.

When you open the secure drive through Steagnos Safe main interface,
a new drive is added to your Windows Explorer.

You can work with the drive the same as always:
you can launch programs from it; edit files; create directories; etc.

As soon as you save data on a secure drive in the safe it will be real-time encrypted.

When you quit the drive it automatically disappears from the Windows Explorer again.

Thanks to the live encryption, launching and shutting down a drive is very fast:
encrypt your entire drive in just seconds.

You can create as many secure drives as you like. Each one offers up to 512 GB (NTFS data system) or 4GB (FAT32 data system ) for your sensitive data.

The main window of the Steagnos Safe displays a list of the secure drives you have created.

To launch or quit one of them, click on the corresponding button for the desired secure drive.

You can also use a portable medium to launch the drives if you have saved your passwords on it.

You can choose between two options: the corresponding drive is automatically launched as soon as you connect, e.g., a USB stick containing the passwords to your computer.

Alternatively, the secure drives can be launched by simply clicking on the corresponding “Launch” icon for each one of the secure drives: the software then “fetches” the password from the memory stick connected to the computer.

You can, of course, also continue to manually enter the password, if, for e.g., the USB stick is not available.

Furthermore, Steganos Safe 22 offers a shredder to permanently erase data (files/folders) from hard disks.

The shredder can also deep clean the free space on your hard disk and offers a scheduled task option.

The device shredder feature allows you to erase data on USB sticks and external hard disks.

steganos shredder

Key Features :

  1. Creates a password-protected virtual safe to store your photos, music, documents, and more.
  2. Works like a real safe to protect data — no one can get in without a password.
  3. Turns your USB drives into a digital safe key.
  4. Shreds unwanted files permanently and defeats data recovery applications.
  5. Blocks unauthorized access to e-mails with fast one-click encryption.

Get Steganos Safe 22 for Free

Steganos Safe 22 is the latest version and has improved functions & features such as AES-XEX encryption with 384 bits (IEEE P1619) with NI-hardware acceleration.

This promo/giveaway offers version 22(worth $28) for free and interested users can utilize this promo for securing or hiding confidential data.

Interested users can head over to and create an account.

Note: Check your Spambox, if you didn’t receive any email from Steganos Software GmbH

Activate your account and visit this new giveaway page or this promo page.

Enter your email address to get the serial number of this software, and check your spam folder if you didn’t receive the code after a couple of minutes.

After receiving the code, visit

Next, select “Steganos Safe”, enter your serial code, and hit the “Redeem” button.

Download the installer  either from this link or  from this link: safe22int.exe 

Install the software and launch the app,  enter your email address and password (Steganos account credentials).

Click the “Activate” button, that’s it proceed and click the “Continue” button.

You can check the app’s subscription status under the “Help (About)” section.

Steganos Safe 22 activation