HackCheck 2022 Full Version Free- Check if your email has been Hacked

HackCheck 2022 from Abelssoft is a useful tool for protecting your email accounts from cybercriminals and learning about recently compromised websites. You may monitor as many email addresses and phone numbers as you want with this Windows program.

The Internet’s vastness opens the door to a myriad of dangers. Malware isn’t the only threat to your computer; fraudsters may also gain access to your private information without you even realizing it. In both cases, prompt action is essential, therefore it’s crucial to check to see if any of your accounts(email Id’d & phone numbers) have been compromised. This is when HackCheck comes in handy.

HackCheck Welcome Screen

HackCheck allows you to monitor numerous email accounts simultaneously and receive alerts in the event of an attack. When an online service is breached, HackCheck’s background monitor checks to see if your email address is on the list of compromised accounts. It is strongly advised that you change this password immediately to something secure and unique from those you use for all of your other online accounts.

HackCheck not only discloses sensitive information like your email addresses but also details about the most recent hacking incident. In the main pane, you may view data about the most recent breach, the total number of compromised web pages, and the total number of compromised email attacks. You can easily identify the most recently compromised online service.

HackCheck UI

HackCheck 2022 Features:

  • System alerts in the event of a hack-HackCheck will sound an alarm if sensitive information such as passwords or phone numbers are compromised.
  • One tool to manage all of your accounts -You are free to track as many email addresses and phone numbers as you wish.
  • A background guard monitors your online account several times a day.
  • It shows what kind of data criminals have from you.
  • It shows if your passwords have been stolen.
  • Expert insight- See which web services have been compromised globally.

Get HackCheck 2022 Full Version for Free:

Simply download the pre-activated full version installer either from this link or

from this link[4.91 MB].

Install the software and utilize the full version.