Hypatia: A Free and Open Source Malware Scanner for Android

Hypatia is an Android malware scanner that is both free and open-source. It scans both installed apps and files on your device and is powered by ClamAV-style signature databases.

Hypatia offers a free and effective way to protect your Android device from malicious software.

Why Hypatia?

Malware poses a significant risk to the safety and privacy of mobile devices running Android. Malware can damage a device, steal data, display intrusive advertisements, drain the battery, and consume bandwidth.

According to a recent study conducted by AV-TEST, they discovered an astounding number of 20 million unique pieces of Android malware in 2023.

Your Android device needs a solid defence against malware and other forms of dangerous software. This is where Hypatia, an advanced Android malware detector, comes into play.

How Hypatia Works?

Hypatia can identify and remove malware on your Android device using a combination of signature-based detection and behavioural analysis.

This security tool can successfully detect and neutralize both known and emerging threats with its regularly updated database thanks to its regularly updated database of known dangers and the use of advanced machine learning techniques.

Hypatia Android app Settings

Key Features of Hypatia Malware Scanner

  • It is incredibly fast, capable of scanning a 1 MB file in just 20 milliseconds and a 40 MB file in less than 1000 milliseconds.
  • Low memory use: Users less than 120 MB when utilizing the standard database settings.
  • Normal scanning: choose between the internal storage, the external storage, and the apps already installed.
  • Real-time scanner: With this feature activated, it can detect malicious code as it is being written or modified in the system’s memory.
  • Offline functioning: Files will never leave your device; the internet is solely utilized for downloading signature databases.
  • With a size of less than 1000 sloc, even individuals without programming experience can effortlessly review the code.
  • The app has a few library requirements and uses them only when necessary.
  • Users can choose to enable or disable access to signature databases.
  • Battery impact is minimal, and you will not notice any significant drain.
  • Open-source tool: Hypatia allows for transparency and community-driven improvements, ensuring a high level of trust and reliability.

How to Use Hypatia Malware Scanner:

Installation and Setup
Visit the F-Droid marketplace via this link and install the app. If prompted, go into your device’s settings and enable installation from unknown sources.

Link: GitHub

Running a Scan
Once the app is installed and running, tap the three-dot button for settings.

Hypatia Android app UI

Internal storage, external storage, and APK scanning are just some of the scanning choices that may be toggled on and off in settings.

To initiate a scan, press the “Play” button. After checking the most up-to-date databases, it will scan your device for malware and report its findings.

About F-Droid Store:

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