iTop DualSafe Password Manager Pro Giveaway-Free for 6 Months

iTop DualSafe Password Manager Pro is a lightweight password manager that can store and organize all of your passwords, payment details, and other sensitive information in one convenient place.

Keeping yourself safe in a digital world that is always changing is a hard task in and of itself. When you think about the Internet and what it means, this becomes much clearer. It’s important to know how to keep private information like passwords and credit card numbers safe. As its name suggests, DualSafe Password Manager was developed to provide users with a streamlined, secure location to generate, save, and manage passwords, PINs, and other forms of personally identifiable information used online.

Your data is encrypted with AES-256 and a unique key that is generated randomly based on your account and password by DualSafe Password Manager. All of this happens on your own computer, so no one else can get to your data. Your data is re-encrypted using HTTPS, and then DualSafe Password Manager syncs it between your devices in a smooth way.

This iTop software has a simple and easy-to-understand interface. With just one click, you can import data from your browsers or other password tools, so you can keep track of all your important information in one place.

iTop DualSafe Password Manager -Password Generator

DualSafe Password Manager makes things easier with its browser add-on. With the browser extension, your login and payment information will be automatically saved, filled in, and kept up to date. When you sign up for an account with any service, it will suggest a strong, random password to keep your account safe. This Password Manager can also help you save and automatically fill in one-time passwords for sites that use two-step verification.

Aside from the main features, it also has useful tools such as Password Health and Dark Web Monitor.

iTop DualSafe Password Manager Pro Free for 6 Months:

Visit this iTop Signup promo page.

Create a new iTop account by filling out the required fields with your email address and password(twice), then clicking “Sign up.”

There should be an email from iTop waiting for you in your inbox. Click the “Verify” button in that email to confirm your email address.

Download DualSafe Password Manager from the developer page.

Simply launch the program after installation, then log in with your email address and password.

Once you’ve done so, go ahead and create a master password and use the Pro version for the next six months for free.

Note: Only the first 200 activated devices will be eligible to receive the Pro service free for 6 months.

iTop DualSafe Password Manager Pro Giveaway