Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, Never Alone, Guild of Dungeoneering Games Available for Free

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, Never Alone, and Guild of Dungeoneering are all available for free on the Epic Games Store. The free game offerings are valid through November 25 at 11 a.m. Eastern time (ET). They are yours to keep after you claim them.

This week, the Epic Games Store is giving away three games for free instead of the normal two, which is a big change.

To grab these three games, simply visit the Epic Games Store web page or the game’s launcher before November 25th, 2021, add the game to your shopping cart, and complete your purchase.

That is all. Afterward, you’ll be able to keep and play the game forever.

Guild of Dungeoneering:
This is a dungeon crawler with a twist; instead of managing a hero, gamers will construct the dungeons.
Each room in the guild is constructed by players, who then populate it with creatures and traps, as well as treasure. This means that building a strong guild and a well-planned dungeon is vital in the game.

The card game is available for both Mac and Windows users, requires 750 MB of free space.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition:

This is a brand-new game that will be distributed for free upon release. It’s unsurprising, given that Epic Games is the publisher. While the original game is free, subsequent expansions will almost certainly cost money.

It’s essentially a virtual Radiohead art museum, showcasing Kid A and Amnesiac’s music. The majority of the game is spent walking through corridors decorated with Radiohead-themed graphics, as snippets and fragments of Kid A and Amnesiac drift in and out of your awareness.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition is not a video game in the conventional sense. There are no antagonists. You cannot die. You can only zoom in on objects, travel around the world, and increase your pace from a slow walk to a soft gallop.

This game is also available for both Windows and Mac users.


Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna):

A puzzle platformer that is based on an Alaskan legend that has been passed down for generations by the Iñupiat community.

The game was developed with the assistance of around 40 Alaska Native elders, storytellers, and community members.

Play as a young Iñupiat girl(Nuna) and an arctic fox, go on a quest to discover the source of the eternal snowstorm that threatens to destroy everything they have ever known.

Players can switch between Nuna and Fox at any moment, or they can team up with a friend and take turns controlling one character in a local co-op.

Epic Games Store is offering only the Windows version of the game for free.