Knightfall: A Daring Journey PC Game Free for Limited Time [12 Hrs left]

Knightfall: A Daring Journey is a cooperative game in which players team up to battle other knights. The destination is the rose, which awaits the journey’s conclusion. There are a lot of knights competing for it. You can either party up or get paired up with a different one.

Knightfall features swashbuckling horses and courageous knights, and it’s available for free today.

For a limited time period, the developer of the game Landfall is offering this multiplayer gamer for free on the Steam Digital store.

This is a 24-hour giveaway. Already 12 hours have passed and only 12 hours are left to get this new indie game for free.

To claim this game, simply visit this Steam webpage.

Log in to your Steam account, then click the “Add to Account” button.

That’s it, the game will be added to your Steam library.

It’s a good game if you want to play with a friend this weekend. I think you should redeem it on Steam as soon as you can, either way.

You can get the game for free until April 2 at 9.30 PM (IST) or 9 AM PDT. Then, the price goes up to $5.99. Still a small amount of money for some pretty fun multiplayer horse-driving games, but free is free.

Knightfall - A Daring Journey Game

About Knightfall: A Daring Journey PC Game

Up to twenty players form teams of two in this game, with the objective of reaching the castle and plucking the rose first.

During the long journey, the knights will need to stay in different villages so they don’t freeze to death during the cold nights.

It will get harder to find villages as the journey goes on. Each team can expect to fight other pairs of players to get a safe place to stay.

By being the first team to reach each village, they get to choose the weapons and bandages they’ll need to fight off the knights.

In the morning, it’s time for them to get back on their horse and race to the next place. Finally, they get to pick the rose!


  • 2 Player co-op (invite your friend or get matched with another player).
  • Up to 20 players in each round.
  • Knight on knight action.
  • Horse drifting.
  • Guns and grenades!
  • 2 knights.
  • 1 rose.