Legend of Ipsae RPG for iOS devices Now Free

Legend of Ipsae is a JRPG that was previously called the Legend of Gaia. Normally this game sells for $0.99 on Apple App Store, now the price is reduced to $0.

This role-playing game for iPhone & iPad offers a lot of lore and backstory.

If you wish to grab this game for free visit App Store or this link : https://apple.co/2USSa19

About The Legend of Ipsae:

When the awe-inspiring power of a goddess fades away …

only a Hero can save the world from ultimate destruction.

Join Vaun in this RPG on his journey to rescue Ipsae.


  • Huge magical world.
  • Dozens of enemies.
  • Virtual gamepad.
  • Round-based battle system.
  • Craft system.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • Quest system.
  • World map.
  • Dozen of physical and magical attacks.
  • Fast-travel system.
  • Auto save.

The harmonious, magnificent, and peaceful world of Gaia is in turmoil following the disappearance of its Supreme Goddess Ipsae.

Dark black magic has brought about elusive and shadowy creatures which have staged a strong resistance against the powers of all that is good!

Alongside the sudden appearance of these demonic creatures is an intensified army known only as of the 5th Order.

Henchmen from the Order have come all but close to destroying the idyllic world of Arcadia.

An energetic young Promoter working as an agent of good, Vaun seeks to take on the powerful resistance.

He gets assigned to thoroughly investigate and accurately reveal the cause of Goddess Ipsaes’ disappearance from magical Arcadia.

Along the way, our devoted and enthusiastic Promoter will encounter and fight off henchmen which have been created from the darkest depths of the abyss and recruited as soldiers of the 5th Order.

Follow Vaun and his loyal companion, Auron, as they set off to travel across the vast plains of Gaia in search of the Goddess Ipsae.