Math and Language Control PRO Android App is only available for free today!

Math and Language Control PRO, an Android app made by Toddlers Fun, usually costs $11.99 but is free today only because the price has been cut to $0. This app offers a non-traditional way to learn math and languages.

This is not a typical app for learning. It’s a new and proven way to teach your child math and vocabulary, and it will also keep his attention.

On the Google Play Store, you can get this Android app for free by visiting this link:

Just install the app on your kid’s Android, approve “Display overlay” permission, and disable battery optimization. Also, parents can control the app by setting a password.

About Math and Language Control PRO:

The app will take over your child’s phone every 20 minutes. For your child to be able to use his phone again, he will need to answer 6 questions. This includes using WhatsApp, playing games, and even watching movies.

After doing a lot of research, the people who made this app found that kids don’t like playing math games. So, it has been almost impossible to teach them how to multiply, divide, add, or learn new words using games or apps. The app’s creators promise that in a few weeks, your child will be able to use the multiplication table.

Math and Language Control app Settings

Teaching kids math isn’t always easy. Some kids like to learn, but other than those kids, most kids would rather babysit their younger brothers or even go to bed on time.

When people came up with the idea for the smartphone, they thought that if they made learning apps for kids, they would also be smart. This plan has failed completely. The average child gets tired of a learning app after 20 minutes, which is nothing compared to how tired the app gets of a child. An average child will be interested in a learning game for no more than two days.

The bottom line is that if we want our kids to be smart, we must be smart first.

The Math control app is a revolution, not just a smart app. It turns the phone into a tool for learning and a school that the child wants to run to with joy.

How do they do this?

The child utilizes and likes his phone, watches movies, plays games, browses social media, and, in between math problems, takes control of his device. The child won’t be able to use the phone again until he answers six number questions correctly.

The app is made so that it doesn’t take over the child’s life but instead helps him do better in school. We could call it a tax on learning.

Math and Language Control PRO - Learning app

To have fun, you have to pay the “learning tax.” Also, nothing bad will happen if the child learns right away that you can’t get anything these days without paying taxes on it.

The app teaches the child in stages, and the level of difficulty increases as the child progresses. The average child can learn the multiplication table in one month with Math Control, but the best part is that the child enjoys learning it.