Matrix TV Live Wallpaper for Android Now Free ($4.99)

Are you a fan of the Matrix movies? If so, you’ll love the Matrix TV Live Wallpaper app.

This Android app turns your phone’s background into the familiar Matrix code that rains animatedly from the surface of your phone. It’s a great way to bring your phone’s bland background to life and show your love for the Matrix.

You can get this usually paid app, valued at $4.99 for free.

Head over to the Google Play Store to get your hands on it.


The app has a solid 4.6-star rating with 300+ user reviews and over 10K downloads. The latest update came on October 15, 2023.

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What Makes Matrix TV Live Wallpaper Unique?

The Matrix TV Live Wallpaper stands out for its fluid animation and variety of customization options. The animation is smooth, with letters raining down from top to bottom, creating a visually appealing effect on your home screen. Plus, with support for both Android TV and TV boxes, you can enjoy this outstanding wallpaper on all your devices!

Matrix TV Live Wallpaper

Customization at Its Best

One of the best features of this live wallpaper app is its customization capabilities.

Not only can you choose from several colours and symbol sets, but you can also adjust the animation speed, direction, and text size to create a truly personalized experience.

Whether you prefer the classic green code with Japanese characters or something more unique, this app has got you covered.

Matrix TV Live Wallpaper App Screen Shots


To sum it up, if you want to give your smartphone or Android TV a distinctive touch, give Matrix TV Live Wallpaper a try. It brings smooth animations and customization to elevate your device’s look.

The cherry on top? This app, usually priced at $4.99, is temporarily free on the Google Play Store. Don’t hesitate–let the source code rain on your screen today!