MG Easy Desktop Organizer Basic Free License

MG Easy Desktop Organizer Basic is a PC desktop organizer that helps you to have access to your files, folders, and shortcuts, while you have a clean and organized desktop.

This windows software keeps your desktop clean and organized with a few clicks.

Most of us store our frequently used files, folders, and applications’ shortcuts on our desktops to have quicker access. By the time eventually, we will end up with a messy and confusing desktop.

As a result of a cluttered desktop with many disorganized files, we waste plenty of time finding our desired files.

Kick the bad habit. Don’t use the desktop as a permanent storage place. Start organizing your files/folders easily using MG Easy Desktop Organizer (EDO).

About MG Easy Desktop Organizer Basic:

With this app, you can create an unlimited number of windows on your desktop, and show or hide them as you need. Easily keep unlimited files, folders, and shortcuts categorized by your style just by dragging and dropping them over the windows.

Each window comes with a built-in search tool, making you find your desired file or folder easier and faster.

Furthermore, the software lets you manage your desktop wallpapers/backgrounds directly. Also, you can enjoy downloading free high-quality (HD) desktop wallpapers from the MSTech website.


1. Easy to Use

Create EDO windows titled by the category names. Keep an unlimited number of files, folders, and shortcuts categorized by your style just by dragging and dropping them over the EDO windows.

2. Quick Access to Your Files/Folders

With EDO, quickly access any file and folder from any path on your hard drive through the EDO windows on your desktop.

3.Desktop Background Tools + Free HD Wallpapers

Have access to the beautiful desktop HD backgrounds and premium wallpapers on the MSTech website through the software.

Get MG Easy Desktop Organizer Basic for Free :

Download the software from the developer page. 

The installer is also available for download via the following two other links: [Link 1/Link 2]

Run the installer, complete the installation process, and launch the app.

When you launch the app for the first time, you will notice an activation screen similar to the below screenshot.

Click “Register”.Another Activation window will pop up.

In the activation window, enter the below serial number and fill the form with your full name, select your country, enter your email address (use temp email IDs), and accept the activation agreement.

Serial Number: 473K9-JUPH3-W4553-UAOJC

Next, click the “Activate Online” button and the product will be activated in 60 seconds.

Finally, click “OK” and restart the app.