Mind Games Pro for Android Now Free[Worth $2.99]

Mind Games Pro is a brain training app available for Android and iPhone/iPad. Now the $2.99 premium version of the app is available for free for Android devices.

For the next 6 days, interested people can get this app free on Google Play and there are no in-app purchases.

To grab the game for free visit this Google Play link on your Android device and tap the Install button.

This app requires Android OS 2.3 or later, it was last updated on April 24, 2022. The File Size is 23 MB and on Google Play, the Mind Games Pro received 4.4 Stars (out of 5) rating from more than 26 thousand users.

Key Features:

1.Quick Exercises: Two to Three Minutes Per Game
2.Tracking Progress: See a chart of your scores for each game over time.
3. Varied Exercises: helps you challenge many different cognitive skills.

mind games pro

Mind Games Pro Description:

Mind Games is a great collection of games based in part on principles derived from cognitive tasks to help you practice different mental skills.

This app includes all of Mindware’s brain-exercising games. All games include your score history and graphs of your progress.

The main app shows a summary of your best games and today’s scores on all games. Using some principles of standardized testing, your scores are also converted to a comparison scale so that you can see where you need to work and excel.

The Training Center selects games for you to play in order to maximize your progress and enjoyment.

Mind Games Pro

Mind Games incorporates Mindfulness exercises. Previous research has shown that Mindfulness may provide improvements in focus, working memory, and mental flexibility for some.

Research indicates that there may also be emotional benefits of Mindfulness. The app provides instruction on how to use Mindfulness during game play and in your life.

Other activities are recommended that previous research suggests may help cognition for some (such as aerobic exercise).

You may also learn new memory strategies. No scientific research has yet been conducted to determine if the app’s particular implementation of Mindfulness and brain training games have cognitive benefits.

At a minimum, you can have fun challenging your mind with our games, learning a new meditation practice, learning about strategies that may enhance your retention of information, and gaining knowledge in the knowledge-based activities.