Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden PC Game Free Today on Epic Games Store

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is the latest free game that is available to customers for a single 24-hour period on Epic Games Store.

Over the last week, Epic Games has continued its yearly promotion in which it gives away a variety of free games over a 15-day period.

The Epic Games Store’s newest free game is Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. The Bearded Ladies developed the game, which is based on the tabletop RPG Mutant Year Zero.

To claim today’s game (worth $34.99), click this Epic Games Store link or navigate to it using their launcher, add it to your cart, and then proceed to checkout.

About Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

A tactical game in the vein of XCOM that combines turn-based combat with story, exploration, stealth, and strategy. Control a team of Mutants as they navigate a post-human Earth. Developed by a team comprised of former HITMAN executives and the designer of PAYDAY.

The publisher Funcom billed the game as a “tactical adventure” game played in an isometric perspective. Players can choose between three varying degrees of difficulty. It’s up to the players to lead a party of three characters as they move through the game’s world.

This means that each character has abilities and skills that are unique to him or her. One of Selma’s skills is explosives. Dux is a duck hybrid, and he has a long-range crossbow. Bormin has shotguns as a weapon.

This isn’t all. Each character also has its own passive, minor, and major mutation attacks that can be used and changed.

There are new weapons and gears that can be found as the game goes on. The game also has a skill tree and a story that can go in any direction. In this game, there are five characters for players to choose from, including three default characters and two characters that can be recruited by the player.