NEAT Projects Standard Free License – Removes unwanted objects in Photos

NEAT Projects from Franzis is a photo editing application that enables photographers to easily eliminate undesired items and people from their photographs.

This application is for users who like landscape photography but wish to exclude traffic, crowds of people, or other action that detracts from the image’s motif.


NEAT Projects Standard actually costs $69, however you can obtain it for free by following the instructions below.

Windows users visit this giveaway page and Mac users can visit this giveaway page.

Enter your email address, check the box indicating that you agree to the terms, complete the captcha, and click the “Send” button.

You will receive an email from Franzis ( in a few minutes. Confirm your email address by clicking the “Click Here to Activate” link.

Following that, you will receive a second email from Franzis, which will include activation information such as your customer ID and registration code (serial number).

For setup file, users  can download this zip file from Franzis:

This zip file size is around 58 MB and it contains both Windows and Mac version installers.

Windows users can directly download the installer from these alternate links:  Link 1 or Link 2 [25.5 MB].

Launch the installer, enter your serial number, then click the “Activate” button.

Complete the installation process.

NEAT projects Pro license code

NEAT Projects Standard

What are the essential elements of a memorable holiday photograph? It needs a nice theme, appropriate lighting, and an eye for the perfect shot—but never other tourists! Franzis NEAT program addresses this issue through the use of proven technology. The program removes all obstructing elements and transforms your photographs into one-of-a-kind eye-catchers.

Simply capture many images of your motif and let NEAT projects eliminate the moving items!

NEAT projects UI

Features :

  • Ideal for editing portraits and group photos taken in densely crowded areas
  • Despite a huge number of tourists, you can still take unique images while on your vacation.
  • Photographing towns and tourist sights without being hampered by onlookers.
  • Turn plazas and parks into “empty” spaces.
  • The capability of photographing churches from within without capturing visitors.
  • All works of art in museums can be seen clearly.
  • Photographing the streets of a city without any cars
  • Motion detection algorithms.
  • Motion Map Display & Synthetic Bracketing.
  • Mac and Windows Stand-Alone Software.