Nero TuneItUp PRO Free License: Optimize Your Windows PC

Nero TuneItUp PRO improves your PC’s performance, speeds up startup, and updates drivers. Its intuitive interface and extensive features make TuneItUp the ultimate choice for PC optimization.

Understanding the Essence of Nero TuneItUp

Nero TuneItUp, developed by the renowned software company Nero AG, isn’t just another utility tool; it’s a comprehensive suite designed to fine-tune your computer’s performance.

Boost your PC with this all-in-one optimization suite. Clean, optimize, and speed up your computer for an enhanced overall experience.

Key Features:

Junk File Cleanup: The software helps you find and delete junk files clogging up space on your PC.

Windows optimization: TuneItUp allows you to disable unnecessary background processes, preventing slow Windows startup and improving overall system performance.

Startup Optimization: Disables unnecessary processes during startup to ensure full system performance.

Registry Cleaning: TuneItUp’s advanced registry cleaning feature meticulously scans and removes redundant entries, promoting a leaner and more responsive system.

Duplicate Finder:

Identify and delete duplicate files with Duplicate Finder to free up valuable space on your PC for better utilization.

Media Files Manager

Effortlessly, locate and manage large media files on your hard drive. Clear up valuable space by identifying and removing unnecessary files from your computer.

Smart Disk View

Visualize your hard drive with Smart Disk View, presenting large directories and files in a clear, graphical format. Easily identify and understand which directories and files occupy the most space in a visually appealing display.

Nero TuneItUp UI

Process Viewer

Monitor running processes to identify and address factors affecting your PC performance. Check CPU and memory usage, including Last Minute Activity, which shows recent CPU use. If a process not related to your active programs is slowing down your PC, click “Identify process” for more details.

Computer Info

Get specific details about your computer with this feature. While your computer has similar built-in functionality, this tool provides valuable insights.

Get Nero TuneItUp Pro for Free:

Visit this giveaway page.

Enter your email, click “Register,” and then check your inbox for an email from Nero. This email includes the license code and a link to download the installer.

Download the installer, run it and it will install Nero Suite or Nero Start.

Open Nero Start, input your email on the start screen, and click “Next” to create an account.

Upon receiving an email from Nero, you will find your password enclosed. Use this password to login.

Next, enter your activation code or license code and hit the “Activate Now” button.

Download and install “Nero TuneItUp” and, once installed, launch the application to experience the full version.

Nero TuneItUp giveaway


Enhance your PC’s performance with Nero TuneItUp PRO. This powerful tool offers features like junk file cleanup, startup optimization, driver updates, and internet speed enhancement—all in one, making it an invaluable resource for boosting your PC.