Photo Stamp Remover Free License -Watermark Remover

Photo Stamp Remover from SoftOrbits is an image editing software that allows users to remove the watermarks, date stamps and
other unwanted objects from your photos.



Watermarks trim the visible area of a photo and spoil the color balance the photographer was so careful to preserve. This tool places the text overlay with a simulated background. The program digitally stitches the background into the existing image.

2. Remove Date and TIMESTAMPS

Timestamps are still used to verify the date and time at which a picture was taken. This program uses a complex series of mathematical instructions to guess the colors the mark obstructs.

3. Remove PEOPLE in Photos

A face gives a picture depth and intrigue; many faces clutter a background scene. A face gives a picture depth and intrigue; many faces clutter a background scene.

SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover interface

4. Remove EYESORES

This tool removes transmission towers and any inclusive obstructions, to leave a clean-looking photo.


It is rare that an old black and white photograph is in perfect condition. Fold-marks, scratches, and the basic degradation of a photo are simple issues to fix. This window software fixes all these issues and more, restoring an old photo to a modern level of reproduction.

It will clean up and fill pops and scratches with incredible intuition.


The tool smooths out the skins and adjusts for blemishes, leaving a photo that will not need reshooting.

7.Batch Mode

Get Photo Stamp Remover License for Free:

This image editing software usually sells for USD $9.99, but now the developer is offering free licenses to all users.

Visit this giveaway page, enter your email address and request License code.

Next, you will receive a confirmation email from the developer, click the confirmation link.

Fill a small form and get the license code, copy the code.

Download the installer from here:

Install the software, launch it and on its main interface click “SoftOrbits” menu, then select Register option.

Paste the license code you received to activate the full version.

Photo Stamp Remover license