PhotoSort 2022 Full Version for Free -Quickly and easily organize your photos.

PhotoSort 2022 by Abelssoft is a handy Windows application for organizing your photo library. It can easily handle multiple categories and export images.

It is essential to organize our photographs, as they contain our most treasured memories. A well-organized photo album allows you to locate images of the most cherished events quickly. If you find yourself in a position where all of your pictures are kept in one location, PhotoSort can be of tremendous assistance.

Abelssoft PhotoSort 2022

It’s easy to sort a big number of photos using PhotoSort and then store them in multiple color categories. It’s useful if you’d like to give your pals only landscape shots from your recent vacation, or if you’d like to construct a photo book from your favorite images. PhotoSort can sort images in jpg, jpeg, png, BMP, and tiff, which are all common file types. And it’s so easy to use.

When you open PhotoSort, it asks you to create a new album in which to keep all of your photographs. Each album can have a number of different categories that you can set up in any way you want.

When you make a category, you can give it a name and a color that you want. A collection of images can be color-coded and organized in a simple and efficient manner.

With PhotoSort’s thumbnail view, you can quickly select and save photographs to your “Favourites” folder. You can choose to only see content from a certain category by using the filtering options.

You can easily add a photo to a certain category, remove it from a category, or delete it completely from the right-click menu. With PhotoSort, you can easily export your arranged images and rename them according to the categories they belong to.

PhotoSort 2022 UI

PhotoSort 2022 Features:

  • Manage photos with ease
  • Clear user interface.
  • Editing and adding photos is easy with drag & drop.
  • Colored categories – easily created, cleverly sorted.
  • Processes unlimited photos.
  • Works with popular image formats like JPEG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG.
  • Export your categorized photos with their names customized to match your preferences.

Get PhotoSort 2022 Full Version for Free:

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Install it and enjoy the full version for free.