Privacy Protector for Windows 11/10 From SoftOrbits- Free Full Version

Privacy Protector for Windows 11/10 from SoftOrbits is an all-in-one tool to fix privacy issues in Windows 11/10 OS.

This  Windows  Privacy fixing tool allows you to disable all tracking services found in Windows 10. It helps you gain full control over Windows OS and prevent or block Microsoft from spying on your activity.

Note: When you try to fix a few privacy issues in Win11/Win10 using the software, some security solutions such as Kaspersky may treat it as malware as the app tries to change a few core settings.

The full version of SoftOrbits Privacy Protector for Windows 11/10 costs $14.99, get it for free with the below promo or giveaway.

Visit this giveaway page.

Enter your email address, click the “Request full version key” button.

You will receive a confirmation email from SoftOrbits Team, click the confirmation link.

Next, enter your first& last name and click the “Done” button. The giveaway page will display the license code, copy the code.

Download the installer or setup file from this link or from here.

Run the installer, complete the installation and launch Privacy Protector software.

On the main window click the “Register” button, enter below license code and activate the full version.

SoftOrbits Privacy Protector for Windows 10 License COde

About Privacy Protector for Windows 11/10:

Being a great overall system, Windows 10 includes a host of highly controversial features collecting information about the users and their activities on a Windows 10 PC and transmitting the data back to Microsoft.

With no adequate warning, no concise privacy policy, and, most importantly, no official way to disable the logging completely, the new Windows 11/10 spying features raise alarm with privacy advocates around the world.

If you have rightful concerns about your privacy in Windows 11/10, you absolutely must take the matter into your own hands.

Privacy Protector for Windows 10

To help you fix Windows 11 privacy issues, Privacy Protector does the following things to stop Windows 10 tracks:

  • Deletes or disables Telemetry
  • Clears and disables DiagTrack Log
  • Stops, blocks or removes over 37 tracking services.
  • Disables Keylogger.
  • Disables Windows Defender.
  • Disables Cortana.
  • Disables Windows Update, allowing you to block unwanted updates
  • Disables certain Telemetry and tracking modules in Microsoft Office 2016
  • Optionally blocks Microsoft Office updates.
  • Enables users to uninstall OneDrive.
  • Enables disabling Bing Search.
  • Enables uninstalling built-in and non-removable Metro apps.
  • Enables the ability to remove all Metro apps.
  • Allows reinstalling Windows 7 Picture Viewer
  • Blocks more than 60 Microsoft IP addresses engaged in user activity tracking o
  • Blocks IP addresses from the tracking network by creating Windows Firewall rules

For more details about the software visit the developer page: