Programmer– Every year, on the 256th day of the year, people all over the world celebrate the Day of the Programmer. Programmers are familiar with the number 256, the number of different values that can be represented by a single byte.

Taylor & Francis, in honor of International Programmer’s Day, and as a giant “Thank You” to all current and prospective customers of their digital books, digital courses, and digital software at Fanatical, is offering a bundle of free resources to you.

Get 4 highly regarded eBooks (worth $229) on game development and programming from the prestigious Taylor & Francis publishing companies for free—no strings attached, no minimum purchase required, and no abridged or sample chapters.

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What is included in the International Day of the Programmer Giveaway Bundle:

1.Creating Games with Unity, Substance Painter, & Maya

This ebook shows you how to use industry-standard tools to make a first-person game from start to finish. This book, which was written by people who have been in the business for a long time and have real-world experience making assets and games, is too good to miss and

2.Game Audio with FMOD and Unity
Game Audio with FMOD and Unity introduces readers to the ideas and practice of game audio through the process of constructing their own First Person Shooter FPS game.

International Day of the Programmer Giveaway-free 4 ebooks

3.2D Game Development with Unity

Unity has been used to create thousands of commercial games and is still one of the major game creation engines. 2D Game Production with Unity walks the reader through the entire 2D game development process, step by step. Each step’s theory is thoroughly described. This book includes several color drawings as well as access to all of the source code and related components.

4.Punk Playthings: Provocations for 21st Century Game Makers
Lastly, Punk Playthings: Provocations for 21st-Century Game Makers lets you take a walk on the wild side as an antidote to boredom and tradition in game design.

Punk Playthings is full of questions and challenges that look at how games are made through new lenses for uncertain times. It has no respect for boundaries between mediums, industries, sectors, specialisms, or disciplines. It encourages a truly independent mindset and a do-it-yourself approach to making play experiences that have cultural meaning.

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Everyone, happy Programmers’ Day!