Relicta – Sci-fi Puzzle Game Available for Free

Relicta is a puzzle game made by Mighty Polygon. It’s played from the point of view of a person.

The game isn’t a shooter, though. Instead, it asks players to solve puzzles as they explore Chandra Base, an abandoned space station on the Moon. As the game’s story unfolds in the 22nd century, players must use magnetic powers to solve physics-based problems as the story progresses.

When Relicta came out in 2020, a lot of people probably didn’t notice. But interested fans should know that it got good reviews when it came out. They said it had a good mix of atmosphere and puzzles. OpenCritic has it at a 75 Critic Average and a ‘Strong’ Rating.

Relicta Game Free on Epic Store

Epic Games gives away one free game every week. This week, it’s giving away a $19.99 physics-based puzzle game called Relicta for free.

Until January 27, this game is free on the Epic Games Store. The next free game on the store would be Daemon x Machina, which would be on J 27.

Visit the Epic Games Store or search for the game in their launcher before January 27, 2022. Add the game to your shopping basket and then proceed to checkout. That concludes the discussion. You may retain and play the game indefinitely.

About Relicta Game:

This is a sci-fi game set in the 22nd century, and you’ll need to use the principles of physics to get around. There’s also a terrifying enemy who wants to bring you down from the “eternally dark craters of the moon.” Another thing you’ll have to deal with is “orbital politics” from the 22nd century. This is a thing that doesn’t seem too far-fetched, since we’re already close to orbital politics on Earth.

You play as a top physicist who gets stuck on an abandoned Moonbase. Using gravity and magnetism, you can find your way around the mysterious, terraformed craters.

To solve physical puzzles, you need to bend these forces. Is this the best option?

You can move quickly and find safety, or you can take your time to gather clues about the politics of the 22nd-century space.

In the moon’s craters, there is a secret that could end your daughter’s life or change the world for good. Are you ready to face the end of your research?

The PC game looks great and isn’t very hard. You need an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or “ATI” Radeon HD 5770 with at least 4 GB of RAM and an Intel Core 3 or AMD Athlon 64. (CPU 2008). Also, the recommended specs aren’t that hard to meet: GTX 970 / R9280, 8 GB RAM, and Core i7 / A8-3870K.