Reminder Pro Android App Worth $2.99 Available for Free: Productivity Tool

Reminder Pro helps you keep track of everything in your life in one place. Its features are simple and flexible. This app has you covered whether you need to set daily or weekly reminders.

It’s easy to forget important tasks and appointments in today’s busy world. There are a lot of reminder apps for Android devices that can help you stay on track and be organized.

One of the most popular and useful reminder apps is Reminder Pro for Android. You can easily make reminders of events, activities, or anything else. It’s designed to help you multitask and get more done.

This app, which normally costs $2.99, is temporarily free on the Google Play Store.

Get Reminder Pro for Free:

  • To get this app, go to the Google Play page in your desktop browser or search for it on the Google Play app on your mobile device.
  • Click or tap the “Install” button.
  • The app is free from any in-app purchases or advertisements. The most recent update occurred on December 24, 2023.
  • There are over 2,000 reviews and 100,000+ downloads of the app, all of which give it a solid 4.1-star rating.

Does this app protect your data?

The “made easy” team created this handy app. The app does not collect or share user data, as stated on the privacy page.

Checking the app on Exodus showed that it indeed contains no trackers and requires eight all-normal permissions to work.

There are no in-app purchases or advertisements within the app. The 4.2-star rating, over 2,000 reviews, and downloads over 100,000 times make it quite credible!

Reminder Pro Android App Screen Shots

About Reminder Pro App:

This Android app is incredibly adaptable and useful. Its flexibility in allowing onetime, daily, or weekly reminders makes it useful for everything from keeping track of medication to keeping track of important appointments.

UI & Functioning:

This productivity app’s UI is relatively streamlined and simple to use. Currently, the app has two tabs, one for active reminders and another for completed ones.

To add a fresh reminder, simply press the “+” button in the lower right. The versatility with which it can make a reminder is the app’s strongest suit.

When you click the star in the lower right, you can prioritize the reminder. Not including the heading, body, and timing. This option specifies how frequently you will receive a notification reminding you to perform the specified action.

Reminder Pro Android App Features


It’s up to you how often you want to be reminded of using the repeat button. Ahead of the actual reminder, you can opt to receive a pre-reminder.

There’s also a daily summary of all your reminders with the Reminder Summary feature. If you’d rather not be interrupted at all times, you can set a new time to receive the reminder each day or turn it off entirely.

With Reminder Pro, you can set the reminder notifications exactly how you want them. You can choose the sound, the pop-ups that show up on the phone display, and how long it will stay muted, all depending on the level of importance.

You can set the app to be silent during certain times of the day, activate a quick reminder by tapping the icon for an extended period, and store all of your reminders in the cloud.