RunnerDot PC Game Free on Steam Until August 1st

RunnerDot is a casual little game made to kill your time. Seriously. When you’re feeling like doing nothing, fire up RunnerDot and enjoy!

You play as a little dot, and you use your mouse to navigate. You avoid stuff coming at you, and you collect points. Survive the longest. Compete on the leaderboard.

This 2D point & click game normally sells for $1.99 on the Steam Store and the developer of the game temporarily made it for free (Until August 1, 2021).

If you are interested in this time-killing game, then reach this Steam Store page.

Click the  “Add to Account” button.

Log in to your existing account ( or create a new free Steam account).

Sign in to your account and add the game to your library

To play the game, download the Steam Desktop client installer, and run the setup file, finish the installation process.

Run the Steam desktop client, log in, and in your library, you will find the game, download, and install the game.

About RunnerDot PC Game

In RunnerDot, you play as the Dot, the game’s protagonist. Your life’s goal is to collect Crates while at the same time, evade enemies that are constantly on your tail, trying to destroy you. These enemies come in a couple of flavors, the Particle and the Barrier being the most common ones.

By collecting Crates, your score goes up. The higher your score, the cooler you look. In addition, your score goes into a global Steam leaderboard in which you compete with all the other players. You also collect achievements.

There’s also a mobile version of this game, available for Android and iOS. It follows the same logic. It’s currently available directly in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Android version, available at

iOS version, available at