Santa Rockstar PC Game Available for Free

Santa Rockstar is a guitar rhythm game in which you play as a badass Santa who rocks out to rock and metal covers of Christmas music!

The gameplay is identical to that of Guitar Hero or TapTap. Notes stream down the screen, and you must tap the correct color or hold chords together when they reach the bottom. You can accumulate Rock Power by striking white notes.

If you’ve played any other music game, this should be a no-brainer, and if this is your first music game, this serves as an excellent set of basic training wheels.

Santa Rockstar is being given away for FREE via IndieGala. Visit this giveaway page to claim this game.

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Santa Rockstar HD PC Game

About Santa Rockstar PC Game :

This is a guitar rhythm game that follows a badass Santa as he travels the world performing Rock/Metal renditions of traditional Christmas tunes.

Slay guitar solos as a tattooed, heavy metal-loving Santa. Grind on with your band of pierced, leather-wearing, reindeer – all while riding on your sleigh and delivering gifts around the world.

Santa Rockstar keeps you rocking-on around the Christmas tree with holiday favorites, such as Jingle Bells, Carol of the Bells, March of the Nutcracker, Silent Night, God Rest ye Gentlemen, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Joy to the World, Santa is in Trouble, Little Bells for You, Hark the Herald, Snowball Fight, Three Wise Men, Santa’s Journey Begins.

This Santa’s probably not checking to see if you’re naughty or nice, making Santa Rockstar a perfect gift for those that don’t do Christmas Carols and prefer to, shred open gifts, tip-back some eggnog, and party on!


  • Custom-made soundtrack composed by the talented Peruvian guitarist Charlie Parra.
  • 15 music tracks.
  • The guitar controller is compatible.
  • 5 worlds.
  • Awesome animated intro.
  • Campaign and Quickplay mode.