Second Extinction PC Game Free today on Epic Games Store

Second Extinction is the sixth game available for free as part of the Epic Games Store 2021 Holiday giveaway.

Until December 30, the Epic Games Store will give away a new game every day. Then, on December 30, the store will go back to giving away free games every week again.

Games like Shenmue 3, Neon Abyss, Remnant: From the Ashes, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Loop Hero have been given away for the past 5 days as part of the 15 Days of Free Games’ promotion.

To claim today’s game (worth $24.99), click this Epic Games Store link or navigate to it using their launcher, add it to your cart, and then proceed to checkout.

Grab Second Extinction for free on the Epic Games Store during the next 24 hours!

Second Extinction Game

About Second Extinction Game:

This is an Early Access game which means it’s still under development and may change significantly over time.

Second Extinction is a first-person shooter that is also a live service game with regular content updates. Because the game is always online, there is no pause button.

The premise of the game is that mutant dinosaurs are threatening to take over the world. A group of human survivors took refuge in an orbital station and eventually returned to Earth, where they waged war on the dinosaurs.

The animals collaborate to defeat the player. Raptors and T. rexes are among the adversaries. Due to the fact that all dinosaurs are mutated, they exhibit unique characteristics, such as the capacity to create electricity and launch shock assaults. Certain dinosaurs have the ability to spit acid, while others can dig underground or summon reinforcements.

While the game can be played solo, it is primarily designed as a cooperative three-player video game. The game features multiple player characters organized into distinct classes, each with its unique set of weaponry. Additional ammunition and health can be airdropped into the environment at the player’s request.