Seed4.Me VPN – 6 months free license

Free Seed4.Me VPN license for 6 months. Get unlimited traffic from Seed4.Me, a reliable VPN service that encrypts internet connections for anonymous use on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS operating systems. VPN is a technology used to protect your Internet experience from being tracked. Imagine a secure tunnel that hides your data from your ISP, Wi-Fi neighbors, and hackers. The pages you visit are encrypted by the VPN tunnel and only decrypted on your computer or mobile device. VPN is widely used for security purposes by businesses, large corporations, national governments, and military services. Seed4.Me VPN Features

Seed4.Me VPN - Free License

Country selection Seed4.Me VPN

  • Using the permanent connection mode, which remembers the state of the VPN connection and connects automatically.
  • Activation of the shadow mode functionality for protection in networks with increased restrictions.
  • The ability to use the Kill-Switch component and block Internet access when the VPN is disabled.

The manufacturer Seed4.Me VPN has packed state of the art VPN technology into a simple and easy to use app for all your devices. Operating systems supported: Windows , macOS , iOS and Android platform .

How to get a free Seed4.Me VPN license for 6 months

1 . Open the offer page and register with the TOOSHEH promo code : 2 . Confirm registration by mail. 3 . Download the Seed4.Me VPN app for your Windows, macOS, iOS or Android platform: 4 . During installation, select ” Login with an existing account “. 5 . Specify the location by marking the required country, click on the link ” Thank you, I will use it for free “. And enjoy unlimited traffic of Seed4.Me VPN for free for the entire period.

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Features of the free Seed4.Me VPN license

  • Provided for a period of 6 months for new users only.
  • The free license can be used on all your devices, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Free updates and Russian-language technical support, ask any questions at: [email protected] .