Smart Clip Free for 1 Year -Clipboard manager for Windows

Smart Clip is a clipboard manager that greatly simplifies clipboard usage and saves clipboard history.

Utilize this straightforward software solution to store and access data that you recently copied to the clipboard and to make minor edits to your notes.

Windows’ normal clipboard stores only the most recent entry of recently saved data, it can be somewhat cumbersome when working with huge documents or program texts.

Smart Clipboard is a small piece of software that allows you to save up to ten entries of data you’ve recently saved, change them, and access them anytime you need them.

Copy all you require to the Smart Clip multi-clipboard in the usual manner, and then select what you wish to paste.

This Windows application retains all of the information you copied — text, links, HTML, and so on — and makes it simple to access any of the objects.

Smart Clip UI

To view a list of all copied items, use CTRL+Q. Paste them anywhere you need to without losing concentration on your current task.

If you’re a programmer, accountant, manager, salesperson, customer service representative, or simply someone who frequently utilizes copy-paste, this clipboard software will increase your productivity and save you time.

Getting started is simple and doesn’t necessitate any additional configuration on your part.

The application can also be used as a note manager.

Smart Clip Features:

  • Save your entire clipboard history.
  • No need to switch between windows!
  • Paste from multiple clipboards.
  • Keep all copied items in one place.
  • Paste needed items from multiple clipboards.
  • Search your clipboard history.
  • Select and paste using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows.

Smart Clip Free 1 Year License

Download the giveaway version installer from the developer page[3.89 MB].

Install and launch the software.

Right Click the App icon on the taskbar (or taskbar jump list) and select the “Register” option.

Enter the below license code.


Click the “Activate” button.

That’s it!

Smart Clip Activation Code