Smart Game Booster Pro Free 6 Months License [Windows]

 uses advanced overclock technology to explore the potential performance of your graphics card. It gives you a one-click solution to improve PC performance greatly by overclocking most graphics cards of Nvidia and AMD.

Smart Game Booster Pro real-time temperature monitor feature

This software monitors and displays your hardware temperature such as CPU, GPU, motherboard temperature, also fan speed along with FPS value when you are in-game. Always keep your FPS value higher than 60 with a normal temperature.

With Smart Game Booster 5, you can also record game videos easily. It supports capturing game and recording game moments with the easy-to-use hotkeys.

The latest version of the software (5.2) arrives with a brand-new user interface, and provides three useful utilities (PC Diagnosis, System Tweaks, and Disk Defrag) to further improve your PC performance.

Key Features of Smart Game Booster Pro:

  1. Maximize Your Game FPS.
  2. Optimize Windows System.
  3. Monitor hardware temperature.
  4. Update Graphics Driver & Audio Drives.
  5. Temperature Monitor.
  6. Super Game Boost (overclock technology).
  7. Disk Defrag.
  8. Record Games.

Smart Game Booster Pro Free License :

Download the setup file or installer from the developer page:

Install the software, on the app’s main window click the hamburger menu (three stacked lines) in the top left.

Next, click “Register” and enter the below code.


Note: The above code offers a Pro subscription to the software till November 16, 2022.

smart game booster pro license code