SoftOrbits Screen Recorder for Windows 11: Free 1 Year License

SoftOrbits Screen Recorder is a feature-rich application that allows you to record your computer screen on Windows 11 and capture images effortlessly.

SoftOrbits Screen Recorder: An Easy-to-Use and Flexible Screen Recording Solution

Screen recording technology has undergone remarkable advancements, simplifying the quest for the perfect screen recorder to match your requirements.

SoftOrbits Screen Recorder for Windows 11

Today, most operating systems come equipped with integrated screen recording capabilities, although they may not match the comprehensive features of specialized solutions

For all your screenshot and video capturing needs, SoftOrbits Screen Recorder stands ready to assist. With a suite of valuable features, this thoughtfully crafted application offers user-friendliness to capture both images and videos from your desktop.

SoftOrbits Screen Recorder UI


SoftOrbits Screen Recorder for Windows 11 comes with robust features that make it an effective screen recording app.

Here are some of its salient features:

  1. Get Started with Ease: This software boasts a user-friendly interface that allows you to start screen recording within minutes, with no steep learning curve required!
  2. Record Screen and Audio, Together or Separately: Decide whether to capture both audio and video in unison or separately.
  3. Add Your Personal Touch: Easily infuse your voice narration by selecting an audio source.
  4. Elevate with Webcam Overlay: Enhance your video by incorporating a live webcam overlay.
  5. Seamless Recording, Even for Gaming: Enjoy uninterrupted recording, even during demanding tasks like real-time gaming.
  6. Limitless 4K/1080p Recording: Capture top-notch videos without fretting about time constraints or resolution limitations, all thanks to hardware-accelerated video encoding.
  7. Emphasize with Shapes: Highlight critical elements by sketching shapes directly onto your recording.
  8. Effortless Screenshots: Capture and share screenshots effortlessly, complete with annotations.
  9. Versatile Video Formats: Save and share your recordings in popular formats such as MP4 and AVI.
  10. Personalized Shortcuts: Tailor keyboard shortcuts to start and halt your recordings seamlessly.
  11. Instant Sharing: Share your video recordings and screenshots with a single click.
  12. Efficient Compression: Optimize file sizes with adjustable quality and bitrate settings, harnessing hardware-accelerated codecs for real-time video compression with minimal CPU usage.

Get SoftOrbits Screen Recorder for Windows 11 for Free:

Here are the steps to get your full version of SoftOrbits Screen Recorder:

  1. Visit this giveaway page.
  2. Enter your email address and click the “Request Full Version Key” button.
  3. Check your email inbox for a confirmation message from SoftOrbits. Click the confirmation link in the email, which will take you back to the giveaway page.
  4. Fill in your name and click “Done” to receive the license key.

SOftOrbits Screen Recorder for Windows 11 Giveaway
5. Copy the license code from the giveaway page.
6. Download the installer (1.7 MB) from this link.
7. Install the software, download the required files, and input your license key and email address on the activation screen. Finally, click “Activate Now!” to proceed.
8. Follow the installation process by clicking the “Next” button.
9. Complete the installation, and you’re ready to enjoy the full version.

SoftOrbits Screen Recorder License Code


SoftOrbits Screen Recorder for Windows 11 is a comprehensive solution and user-friendly tool designed to capture your screen activities and images with impeccable quality and zero lag.

The SoftOrbits software boasts a plethora of features to elevate your recordings, including voice narration, webcam overlays, drawing capabilities, video editing, and seamless sharing with just a single click.

Whether your goal is to record a presentation, create a tutorial, document a gaming session, or anything else displayed on your screen, SoftOrbits Screen Recorder for Windows 11 stands as an excellent choice for your needs.

Download it today and try it for yourself!